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The allure of having one’s own business can be tempting. Prospective entrepreneurs often tend to overlook the unheralded yet vital aspects of setting it up. This leaves them open to unsolicited advice and hastily made internet searches, which derail them to what is supposed to be a streamlined process to realise their goals.

Thus, professional business advisors shouldn’t be seen as an extra expenditure or a step. Rather, they should be viewed as a part of the investment — a vital gear of the machine that would eventually run a company.

With the rise of start-ups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs), there could probably be no better time to strike business opportunities than in today’s modern world, where all the necessary tools are within arm’s reach to help one start off.

“All companies, big and small, had to start somewhere, and the road may not be easy,” says Mariben Tan Eustaquio, Managing Director of Ezone, a Dubai-based company that provides global business set-up solutions. Given that not everyone is made from the same fabric and they are distinct in knowledge and background, each client seeks advice in varying degrees.

Dealing with unique situations and creating tailored advice for different clients can be a challenging task but also a learning opportunity. Interacting with them opens new experiences and knowledge in which a give-and-take relationship is established among all, and that is what fuels Ezone.

With almost a decade of industry know-how and first-hand experience, Ezone has emerged as one of the go-to firms when it comes to setting up businesses on an entrepreneurial level in the industry. As Eustaquio says, “We adapt and do the homework for them, eventually presenting the best options we can find. It’s the manner in which we collaborate that sows the seeds for a potentially successful venture, and we are happy to be a part of their journey.”