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Wondering how to immigrate as a skilled professional to explore career opportunities abroad? Confused about whether to invest in EU or the Caribbean countries for a second passport? Trying to figure out the possibility of immigration after the age of 40? Or exploring various study abroad pathways to gain permanent residency and citizenship?

The second edition of Gulf News Immigration and Citizenship Exhibition (GNICE) 2022, one of the most comprehensive and immersive shows in the immigration sector, promises to address all these concerns and more. With more than 30 exhibitors specialising in immigration, residency and citizenship by investment, and study abroad, GNICE 2022 offers a platform for prospective immigrants, industry heads and thought leaders to gather for an unparalleled experience over two days.

Whether it’s for career advancement, children’s education, wealth planning or securing the family’s future through enhanced mobility, immigration has proven to be a formidable asset that serves both as an insurance policy against an unpredictable future and a tool to unlock new growth opportunities.

Overall, the immigration sector has maintained its growth trajectory, with the estimated number of international migrants increasing steadily over the past few years. As per The World Migration Report 2022, there were around 281 million international migrants in the world in 2020, which equates to 3.6 per cent of the global population, up from 220 million in 2010.

Along with skilled immigration, demand for investment migration market has remained buoyant as ever. The segment was estimated at $21.4 billion (Dh78.59 billion) in 2019, with projections suggesting it will reach $100 billion in revenue by 2025 if the 23 per cent growth trend persists, according to Investment Migration Insider, a knowledge platform for the industry.

As the demand for immigration and second citizenship gains traction, Gulf News presents the second edition of the sector’s most anticipated event, GNICE, taking place from November 12-13 at Shangri-La Hotel Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road. Following the resounding success of the 2021 edition, the current edition brings together top immigration lawyers, industry experts, spokespersons of nations offering citizenship and residency by investments programmes, career counsellors, and leading language testing professionals on one platform to help prospective immigrants explore opportunities abroad.

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GNICE 2022 has a packed seminar agenda over two days where industry experts will spearhead discussions on the future of global immigration; trends, challenges and opportunities in the citizenship by investment sector; value of premium passports; investments options for residency and second passport; and study abroad as a route to permanent residency.

Value for exhibitors

GNICE will enable exhibitors to showcase new immigration programmes, create solutions for prospective immigrants and build and strengthen relationships with industry peers.

WWICS Group, which has confirmed its participation at GNICE 2022, is looking forward to promoting various investment-led immigration programmes  “We will focus on Canada start-up visa programme, Work Permit/LMIA for senior management professionals, the USA EB-5 Green Card investment programme and citizenship by investment programmes in the Caribbean countries,” says Waquar Karim, Vice President, WWICS Group. “Currently, we are running an easy payment plan offer on our resettlement services and GNICE visitors can take advantage of this offer.”

Industry feedback on GNICE

If the response to the past edition of GNICE is a measure of the event’s success, participants and exhibitors should be really excited: the 2021 edition defied the impact of the pandemic with more than 25 exhibitors, over 4,000 registrations and 2,500 visitors to the show.

Clint Khan, Director of Y Axis, one of exhibitors at GNICE 2021, said, “GNICE is significant as it offers a platform for UAE residents to get the right advice on immigration. As this is a face-to-face event, we can connect with people and provide them with free and right advice.”

Y-Axis, the Gold Sponsor of GNICE 2022, will showcase a range of immigration programmes in Canada, Australia, UK and Germany as well as study abroad opportunities.

"At GNICE, we will be offering free English language classes and free counseling sessions with expert consultants," adds Khan. 

Demand for Portugal’s Golden Visa, which gives investors access to 26 Schengen countries and the option to apply for Portuguese citizenship after five years, has gained traction among investors worldwide. PTGoldenVisa, which specialises in Portugual Golden Visa, will share information on EU’s most popular residency by investment programme at the show.

"We are currently experiencing a growing demand for Portugal Golden Visa in the UAE. Amid global uncertainties, back up plans for the future have now become critical. In times of instability, it is a must to have the freedom of movement. Portuguese real estate market is growing and offering great returns on investment, drawing international investors to the country," says Tiago Camara, co-founder and partner of PTGoldenVisa, the Silver Sponsor of GNICE 2022. 

"Participation at GNICE has become an annual tradition and we will present a host of attractive and safe investment options with high returns in Portugal at the event. We are a company managed by Portuguese partners and are fully focused on investments qualifying clients for the Portuguese residency programme. We provide our clients freehold real estate units with a title deed and in some cases with guaranteed rental income. Availability of eligible units for the residency programme of Portugal are very limited at the moment and we highly recommend investors to proceed with their applications as soon as possible. We act as a one-stop-shop, and we stay with our clients during the five years of the programme until they gain citizenship," explains Camara.

It’s not just the exhibitors, visitors also had an enriching experience at the last edition of GNICE. They were elated to connect with top immigration lawyers, career counsellors and study abroad consultants, all under one roof, and discuss their aspirations and future goals, explore immigration and second citizenship programmes, and get credible information on investments, application process, eligibility criteria of various programmes and much more.

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