Dubai: The UAE is expected to be one of the first countries to get 5G networks, after the country’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) announced on Sunday the launch of 5G technology, with mobile operators in the country expected to start deploying 5G networks from early 2018.

In a statement on Sunday, TRA said that licensees from mobile operators in the country will start deploying the technology in several phases, allowing for the development of information and communications technology infrastructure.

Following the announcement from TRA, telecom provider Etisalat confirmed it will be rolling out 5G technology, as du said it will commence advanced field trials of the technology in the first quarter of 2018.

In its statement, Etisalat said it plans to offer 5G to consumers and businesses at high speeds and low latency.

A spokesperson from Etisalat told Gulf News on Sunday, however, that no mobile device currently available on the market supports 5G, and that it will be up to phone manufacturers to come up with updates or new devices to support the 5G technology.

The spokesperson added that, when rolled out, 5G will be available for Etisalat consumers to use on their home wifi packages, and that the technology will initially be aimed mostly at artificial intelligence and big data.

The launch of 5G across the UAE is expected to benefit various industries including education, healthcare, energy, and manufacturing, among others, TRA said.