Fireworks explode over the Atlantis on Palm Jumeirah as part of the world’s largest fireworks display in Dubai. Image Credit: Zarina Fernandes/Gulf News

Dubai: More than 100,000 fireworks were let off in the first minute as Dubai set a new world record for the largest fireworks display.

The show was spread across 94 kilometres of Dubai’s shoreline, with 500,000 fireworks let off in a dazzling display.

Dubai broke the record, previously held by Kuwait with 77,282 fireworks let off in 2012, within 60 seconds of the show starting.

The Palm Jumeirah and World Island display began at 12.20am following the fireworks at the Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab.

“We couldn’t start on time due to security reasons, as we didn’t get the clearance required in time, so we decided to put safety first,” said Phil Grucci, who designed the show.

Guinness Record officials were on hand to audit the fireworks.

“Guinness Record officials did the initial audit during the show and confirmed that Dubai had broken the record. A final audit is currently going on that will confirm the number of shots we fired,” added Grucci.

Security reasons were also cited for not carrying out the promised elements such as a ‘flying falcon’ and a huge ‘UAE flag’.

“We didn’t get security clearance for the areas where we were planning the special effects to create the flying falcon and the flag, but we are happy that we could break the world record,” said Grucci.

Thousands of people gathered around the beaches of Dubai and secured every possible vantage point.

As many as 200 technicians worked on the project for nine months to create a firework spectacular that gave Dubai the edge over other New Year celebrations in the world.

Cables were spread across 94 kilometres and connected to a network of 100 computers in Palm Jumeirah and The World islands.