The world’s highest 360° infinity pool is located atop the Palm Tower Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Now, you can experience the world's highest 360° infinity pool from anywhere in the world. Located in Dubai, the Aura Sky Pool will soon be available to guests through a digital space created in the Metaverse.

In a media statement Tuesday, the destination's management said guests would able to reserve some of the destination’s most popular sunrise and sunset activations, watch celebratory fireworks, attend the dynamic wellness classes, and capture incredible selfies with unobstructed panoramic views.

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A dedicated elevator quickly whisks you to the 50th floor of the Palm Tower building and from the moment you step out you’ll be spoilt for views. A lounge area awaits visitors where one can enjoy meals surrounded by azure views all around. The star attraction, however, is the infinity pool and the view of Dubai that you can see beyond the edge.

The entire floor is bordered by the pool, complete with a wooden deck, sun loungers and seating areas. While you could walk around the entire pool from end to end, which we did do while there, the areas are usually kept separated by locked glass partitions to allow for privacy and different view options for visitors. The 49th floor houses rest rooms and a boutique store, which is accessible via stairs or the elevator.

As for the views, to one side is the Palm Dubai, with its fronds fanning out and the Atlantis hotel at its crown. You can also enjoy uninterrupted views of other iconic landmarks such as Ain Dubai and the Marina area, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, and the rest of the glittering Dubai skyline.

The destination’s move into the Metaverse is being curated by ‘Rare City’, part of The Rare Age Technologies. The company will use blockchain technology to create a digital twin of the venue within their ‘Rare City’ Metaverse, which is built on the Metapolis (MaaS) platform.

Commenting on AURA Skypool’s move into the Metaverse, James Oliver Burton, Managing Director, AURA Skypool Lounge said: “We are thrilled to announce our exclusive debut on the Metaverse, in collaboration with Rare City. This new partnership is testament to how AURA Skypool, operated by Sunset Hospitality, has become a renowned attraction globally, and now we can now give guests the chance to experience this iconic landmark from anywhere in the world!”

Ryan Howells, CEO and Founder of The Rare Age Technologies said: “I’m very excited to be working with the most sought-after venues in all of Dubai. Bringing AURA Skypool to our Metaverse means that tourists can get a taste of what the most iconic venue in Dubai has to offer before even stepping foot on a plane. Customers will no longer have to sit on the two-month-long waiting list to experience the picturesque views from AURA Skypool. They can do so immediately from the Metaverse and, who knows, they may also bump into Christiano Ronaldo or His Highness there too.”

Rare City

This is the first of many venues ‘Rare City’ plans to bring into the Metaverse, allowing people to relive a memory, experience or a unique adventure from anywhere.

‘Rare City’ is a Metaverse world created in partnership with The Rare Antiquities, Rare FND and Metapolis, the world’s first Metaverse-as-a-Service (Maas) platform. Powered by leading blockchain technology and built on world-renowned technology stack, Metapolis offers fully customizable XR experiences and is easily accessible through AR, VR and Web.

“Providing a platform that allows for cross industry collaborations to take place digitally brings great innovation and excitement to the Metaverse market. Businesses no longer need to be confined to their physical locations; they can now look at how the Metaverse can bring them more revenue streams, more clients and engagement models through strategic use cases applied to their business model. What we are witnessing here is the web3 approach to growth and scaling a business,” said Sandra Helou, Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Metapolis.