Video Credit: TBD Media

TBD Media Group, an acclaimed global production company, is excited to present the latest edition of its inspirational Global Thought Leaders campaign dedicated exclusively to the Middle East and North Africa called 50 MENA Leaders.

Together with Gulf News, the region’s most-trusted English language news source, 50 MENA Leaders demonstrate their prowess in industry, technology, sustainability, advisory, finance and energy in a series of interview-led, issue-driven films.

Each episode shows how a business has addressed a major industrial problem through applying technology, innovating new ways of working or seizing opportunities that chime with their values. The results are cleaner, more profitable businesses that delight customers, engage staff and present a model for the future.

The series is the brainchild of Paolo Emilio Zanini, Founder and CEO at TBD Media Group. “The MENA story is one of transformation and the Leaders highlighted in the campaign demonstrate that businesses are driving the change. We feel privileged to share stories of entrepreneurialism, sustainability and innovation that people need to hear to be inspired to take action of their own,” he said.

“While it is easy to fall into the trap of believing the world’s problems are insurmountable, these films show time and again that with visionary leadership, change isn’t just possible - it’s happening now.”

David George, publisher of agnc3, Gulf News’ in-house content creation agency, said: "Partnerships are the way forward for publishers. We’re excited to keep building on what we’ve created. This association with TBD Media is an add-on to some of the several new content initiatives we launched over the course of the past year such as webinars, short films, and bespoke events dedicated to education, sustainability and immigration."

Each film will be available through the 50 MENA Leaders portal on the Gulf News website, reaching a truly global audience hungry to learn more about the region’s growing economy and influence.