Kamal Al Shakshir
Kamal Al Shakshir Image Credit: Supplied

What essentially makes Suzuki cars so popular for families in the UAE?

Suzuki’s success can be attributed to its strategic focus on producing compact and fuel-efficient vehicles that feature stylish designs and incorporate the latest technology, and are also competitively priced. These factors collectively make Suzuki vehicles an attractive and affordable choice for a diverse range of consumers, positioning the brand as a strong contender in the competitive automotive market.

Could you tell us a bit on Suzuki’s new launches in the UAE?

The upcoming Fronx model comes fully equipped with cutting-edge technology features, including a head-up display, a 360-degree view camera system, and a 9-inch display screen. Alongside these advanced features, the Fronx also boasts an impressive fuel efficiency of 21.1 kilometres per litre. Additionally, the eagerly anticipated 5-door Jimny variant is set to make its debut in the UAE in the near future.

What are the various offers and promotions currently available for residents in the UAE?

In addition to the pre-existing 7-year warranty, we have reduced prices on certain models.

Could you share some details on Suzuki’s initiatives to drive sustainability in the automotive sector?

Engines of Suzuki are optimised for fuel efficiency, incorporating mild hybrid technology for reduced emissions.