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“Our current efforts are focused on reducing our reliance on fossil fuel”

Tim Coffin, CEO, Tristar Eships

Tim Coffin

How do you envision the shipping industry evolving in the coming years?

The predominant trend in our industry is to ameliorate our negative impact on the natural environment. In recent years, we have committed significant capital to reduce harm from ballast water and are vastly reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and particulate matter from exhaust emissions. Our current efforts are focused on reducing our reliance on fossil fuel, which require a leap in energy efficiency not seen for decades. This is an exciting time for our industry — the innovations that will come will be groundbreaking and fundamentally change the way society powers itself.

Could you share details on Tristar’s Safety at Sea conference?

We are pleased to announce that our next annual Safety at Sea conference will take place on November 6 at the Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, The Palm, Dubai. The event recognises the diligence and bravery of seafaring under difficult conditions and introduces best practices and innovation in the fields of medical and psychological well-being. Speakers and panellists include medical professionals, port-based welfare specialists, business leaders, and others. We are grateful to our partners for sharing the opportunity to support seafarers, all of whom we depend on – not just in our business, but across all of society.

What are some of the key strategies that Tristar has implemented to further enhance resilience in the face of market challenges?

Our initiatives include shore power for berthed coastal vessels, new eco-design ships, low power lighting and other technical systems. We continue to partner with our oil major clients to test innovative fuels and other approaches to energy efficiency. Working together, we develop systems that ideally reduce our carbon emissions while also reducing our operating costs.

“We offer remote survey as per IACS standards”

Waleed Al Tamimi, General Manager, Tasneef Maritime

Waleed Al Tamimi

Could you give us an idea on the way Tasneef organises surveys and helps vessel owners meet statutory requirements for the shipping industry?

All survey activities are organised and updated on our online system – Leonardo. For new building activities, plan submissions, subsequent approvals, review and comments can be completed on Leonardo. Since the details of the vessel are already fed in the system, the Leonardo ship module can send out automatic notifications to ship owners regarding the due date of surveys. Any new requirement is also communicated to ship owners in advance.

Tasneef has developed a guide for the remote survey technique which is in line with IACS standards. We started offering this technique since the start of the pandemic. Our remote surveys follow IACS standards for the survey categories as agreed with flag authority and are in compliance with the flag requirements. Remote surveys are implemented to ensure quality and provide the same level of assurance as an on-board survey. This technique has resulted in cost saving for shipowners; reducing risks to crews and surveyors on ships; minimising logistics needs; and offering greater flexibility to all stakeholders.

What is your outlook for the shipping industry in the UAE?

The UAE is always at the forefront of port and infrastructure development. With support from the nation’s visionary leadership, this industry is on its way to become the world’s leading maritime and supply chain hub.

“Maritime sector offers diverse career opportunities”

Priyanka Singh, Recruitment Head, MBR Recruitment

Priyanka Singh

What are some of the in-demand careers in shipping, maritime and ports?

The maritime sector is a vast sea of possibilities, offering diverse career opportunities to professionals worldwide. In-demand careers include marine engineers and naval architects, marine surveyors, ship captains, port and terminal managers, and logistics and supply chain managers. These roles are vital for the smooth functioning and growth of the industry.

What makes your services for the maritime industry truly unique?

At MBR Recruitment, we understand the pivotal role that visionary leadership plays in steering companies to greatness. Our specialised approach enables us to identify top-tier leaders who possess the acumen and adaptability to thrive in the ever-changing industry.

Talent optimisation lies at the core of our mission. By meticulously evaluating candidates’ skills and aspirations, we create ideal matches. Armed with profound industry expertise, our dedicated recruitment specialists possess a keen understanding of the sector’s intricate demands. This knowledge allows us to source candidates with specialised knowledge, ensuring a seamless integration into our clients’ operations.

Our agile solutions and responsiveness ensure that our clients can swiftly adapt to the evolving market conditions, staying ahead of the competition.

Through building lasting partnerships, we establish a foundation of trust and collaboration.

“We take a customer-first approach in our business”

Chandra Kala, COO, Consolidated Shipping Services (CSS) and Sasi Kala, Director, CSS eLogix

Chandra Kala

Sasi Kala

What are the best ways to promote sustainability in the shipping and logistics sector?

CK: Sustainability issues are increasingly becoming important in the sector, with companies looking at ways to cut emissions and lower energy usage. Port authorities, shipping majors and logistics companies have a major role in supporting sustainable economic growth and delivering a greener future. From implementing exhaust emission and fuel optimisation technologies to using data analytics to simplify and facilitate trade, the shipping and logistics sector has started embedding sustainability into business strategy and operations.

Could you share some details on CSS eLogix?

SK: CSS eLogix is the new vertical where we cater to the e-commerce sellers. Our clientele ranges from high-end operators to newcomers who don’t have any experience in e-commerce. We help them get into the sector, offering support from the first mile delivery to the registration and development of the website to back end operations. We eliminate any hassle a customer may face during an online purchase and ensure that they can simply sit back and relax while we deliver their goods through our professional and expert services.

We always make sure that our KPIs are regularly met and take a customer-first approach in our business. These strategies have clearly given us an edge in this sector in a short span of time.