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With the ever-increasing demand for convenient cross-border shopping, consumers expect the ecommerce industry to introduce more facilities to make online shopping more accessible even in remote places. Recent statistics have revealed that globalisation has not only influenced the flow of consumer products but also how firms operate and communicate with partners and employees. For today's firms, global selling is crucial.

Local sellers too can have access to a considerably wider consumer base by expanding their firm internationally. Even if local markets are becoming saturated, if the product or service is a success, local sellers may benefit from higher sales from these new consumers through global direct selling. Globalisation could be just what a business needs to reach new heights in terms of income.

Desertcart Global Selling is an e-commerce exporting programme that enables local sellers to expand their business beyond their countries. The sellers can now make use of Desertcart’s global selling programme and scale up across 164+ countries and territories, with billions of potential buyers.

“Taking your business worldwide helps you to diversify your markets and increase the stability of your income sources: even if domestic activity is volatile, your firm will not suffer as much since your global market presence will compensate,” explains Rahul Swaminathan, CEO of Desertcart.

In case anyone is thinking how to sell globally, Desertcart's cross-border selling can be the ultimate key to success. Desertcart has started onboarding sellers from the UAE, UK, US and India and already reached the mark of 5,500+ sellers in just a couple of months.

Understanding new markets

A local e-commerce business can become more well-rounded by gathering more information about the new market they are entering. Desertcart’s International Merchant Programme allows businesses to understand people from other countries and gain insights into customer behaviour. It helps facilitate effective operation with domestic consumers and business partners. Thousands of UAE sellers/retailers have already registered for the Desertcart International Merchant Programme to expand their clientele across the globe.

It's easy to forget how markets worked before the digital age and transportation breakthroughs in an era where firms (big and small) can sell and send their products and services to consumers all over the world in a matter of days. Cross-border selling is the beginning, middle and end of a company's international strategy for organising, creating, positioning and advertising its products and services. Through operations, representatives and manpower in other countries, multinational businesses have long had a stake in global direct selling.

“By joining our international merchant programme, you can create an effective strategy for getting over the hurdles that globalisation might present,” adds Swaminathan. “The process can reap many benefits that your business will enjoy for years into the future.”

Significance of the International Merchant Programme

Businesses that effectively go global and promote their products to a completely different demographic will be able to compete with multinational corporations. It is a formidable accomplishment to achieve, so when prospects and possible business partners learn that a seller has a worldwide presence, they will immediately think more highly of their firm.

● Selling globally provides businesses with additional chances to generate new revenue streams.

● Increases brand awareness and reputation

● Global direct selling provides businesses with the chance to learn more about their goods in order to improve service quality.

Desertcart's Global Selling Programme or the International Merchant Programme is all about a well-planned strategy that includes the planning phase of a company seeking to expand into new markets across the world. When entering foreign markets, a company must consider how it would handle marketing (public relations, promotion, channels, and so on) in nations with diverse values, cultures and languages. As many businesses already know, foreign investment may be highly beneficial to the company and if they go global, it is feasible to learn more about these investment options and how they may benefit their local firm.

Working with a cross-border selling company like Desertcart that specialises in not just translation but also cultural consultancy can help the sellers produce authentic marketing material, localised landing pages and SEO, as well as a trans-created homepage tailored to a new global market. Understanding the culture and what will resonate will be critical to the worldwide expansion initiatives' success.

“It's not easy to expand a business into worldwide marketing,” says Ankit Biyani, Vice President of Growth and Development, Desertcart. “It takes a significant amount of planning, preparation and study. However, owing to ecommerce evolution, it is easier than ever before. For firms wanting to expand and provide value for their online selling business, Desertcart International Merchant Programme is the ultimate way to go. Again, sellers can concentrate on their business while Desertcart handles foreign logistics and customer care.”

In order to target and reach out to customers across the world, a company must have several profiles rather than just one. Every country under consideration will have a diverse range of consumers with varying demands. As a result, global marketing efforts must be adaptable and agile across all boundaries and so is Desertcart’s Cross-border Merchant Programme.

Discounts and promotions

Desertcart runs many campaigns to provide a healthy discount to its customers to get the maximum benefits for their products and services. One of the ongoing campaigns is with RAKBANK in the UAE where customers can get 50 per cent off while using RAK2021 promo code.

“As part of our RAKBANK deals programme, we are delighted to partner with Desertcart to provide our cardholders an amazing discount offer to shop for more than 100 million products, all from the convenience of their homes,” says Banali Malhotra, Director – Marketing, RAKBANK.

When a company grows into a new market, it gains greater experience. They learn information at a faster rate with analytical tools, resulting in a greater quality of service or goods accessible to consumers. By selling products in other worldwide marketplaces, UAE sellers or retailers may attract more customers and acquaint them with the brand to the point where marketing is no longer necessary. Not only do sellers in the UAE create relationships or even partnerships within their own country but they can also form alliances with international companies to gain a competitive advantage in the global market.