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UAE journalists get a chance to rank PR agencies

The first index based on extensive surveys lists best agencies and professionals

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Journalists in the UAE got a chance to vent their thoughts about PR agencies and professionals. The first Public Relations Index for the UAE has been put together based on a poll among 200 journalists on their perspectives of the industry and its players.

The index identified the top 10 agencies based on two key criteria: quality of content and effective engagement with the media by evaluating their level of support, fast follow up and interaction. Additionally, the criteria were rated individually as part of two sub-indices. It was commissioned by Content Plus, a Dubai-based consultancy. “The importance of these perspectives, lies in the fact that the media is essentially, the primary channel used to convey the messages of PR agencies’ clients to their target audiences,” said Mohammad Baida, Managing Director of Content Plus. “By launching the Index, Content Plus aims to analyse the strengths and weaknesses of the UAE PR industry and pinpoint practical ways to improve their level of collaboration with different media outlets.”

The poll, administered by the research firm Ipsos, covered 100 Arabic and 100 English journalists across traditional, digital and visual media. It was conducted using Cati (computer-assisted telephone interviewing) methodology which utilises telephonic interviews.

Key findings include the most active agencies, the top agencies based on content quality and those based on support, follow up and interaction. The results varied significantly between Arabic and English media outlets, a statement from Content Plus said. “Identified by the index for the first time ever, was the preference of editors when it comes to working with PR agencies versus in-house communication departments.”