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Brands can use Ramadan promotions beyond pushing prices

The period offer marketers a test case of how to get in a compelling narrative

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Daily life follows a different rhythm during Ramadan. Several factors, including reduced working hours, contribute to a significant rise in media consumption.

The combination of free time and a celebratory atmosphere in turn means that time spent online and consumer spending is higher during Ramadan than any other period.

Reports shows a 30 per cent increase in traffic at different intervals highlighting an opportunity for all content marketers. To capitalise on this opportunity, it is important to understand the way users consume content, what motivates them to visit a website, and what closes a deal.

Consumers during this period are eager to discover, explore, consume, and create content, making this a perfect opportunity for brands to take part and engage with consumers.

To actively engage with consumers online, marketers need to understand the complexity of online user behaviour, their connection to the physical world and eventually, have the ability to break down the information into a simplified framework.

The important questions to ask is how do consumers engage with brands today, how can digital be integrated into this journey to make it user-friendly and convenient, and how to convert a simple engagement into an immediate sale. For instance, effective marketing campaigns are often found using targeted keywords that revolve around popular shows to ensure a wider range of audience is reached.

Brands therefore need to work hard to integrate Ramadan into a wider strategy that fits with brand values. Having a solid digital strategy that is holistic and goes beyond campaigning and promotion can spark consumer’s interest further.

* Develop a solid storyline

Solid content, packaged properly and promoted innovatively can lead to a successful and impactful marketing campaign. With users growing more inclined to video and story-based content, it is important to connect your brand to something futuristic or something that consumers can easily connect to that will make a difference in their lives.

It is also important for brands to take a more conversational tone during this time. Consumers love to engage with the people behind the brand, and personalising communications during a month of increased engagement can boost brand equity and strength for the rest of the year. Brands such as Dove and Coca-Cola have paved the way for creativity on a global level with viral videos and messages.

* Inspire with best use of technology

With mobile and digital technology fast becoming an integral part of everyone’s daily life, brands are open to different ways to reach out to their customers and to influence their purchasing decision. From customer insights, analytics to Big Data, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and chatbots, technology has found its deep roots in marketing. Take for example, artificial intelligence.

Many companies these days invest in ‘bots’, which are programmes that interact with consumers on chat platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, providing instant information, customer support and/or guidance.

Imagine a Ramadan Bot that reminds consumers when the next prayer time is, shares ideas on good deeds or helps users to instantly send a greeting card to their family and friends? At Prototype, we are currently working on developing an app that does exactly that.

But of course, it’s not just about building a fancy app or using fancy technology. It’s about creating long-lasting connections with consumers.

This is why a majority of marketers focus on running campaigns that will reach out to the community and on building a brand that focuses on the consumer journey that go beyond just the month of Ramadan.

The writer is CEO of Prototype.