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Canada is considered as one of the most welcoming countries in the world for immigrants. In fact the country is lauded by world leaders for its “mosaic” approach to multiculturalism, where people from all cultures live in harmony. It maintains an economic stability and promises a great lifestyle to those who call it home. However, with Canada’s baby boomer generation already beginning to retire, the options to hire locally are limited. In fact, it is estimated that millions of additional workers and professionals will need to be hired in Canada over the next decade to sustain its economic growth.

Shankar Sharma, Manager (Skilled Immigration), WWICS

Therefore, the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) is offering numerous immigration options to qualified students, skilled professionals, entrepreneurs and investors who want to live in the Maple Country, says Shankar Sharma, Manager (Skilled Immigration), WWICS

Recent studies have shown that Canada is all set to welcome more than one million new immigrants by 2021 as per its Multiyear Immigration Plan, which means chances of a successful immigration to Canada are now more than ever, says Sharma. In 2019, Canada welcomed 330,800 newcomers, while in 2021 the figures are expected to go up to 350,000.

Immigration options for skilled professionals and workers

Express entry

Express Entry is an online system used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to manage and process applications for skilled workers who want to become permanent residents of Canada through three of Canada’s federal economic immigration programmes for skilled workers: The Federal Skilled Worker Class, Canadian Experience Class and Federal Skilled Trades Class.

Provincial Nominee Programme (PNP)

Canada’s PNP is designed for skilled professionals, international students and entrepreneurs who have skills, education and work experience and want to settle in a specific province of Canada by contributing to the economy.

Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP)

RNIP is a community-driven programme that offers foreign workers of various skill levels a fast-track option to get settled in Ontario, western Canada and the three territories by acquiring permanent residence.

Work permit

Obtaining work permit is a viable option for those eligible foreign nationals who intend to work in Canada for a specific time period.

Take your business globally and secure citizenship or residency for you and your family

Maninder Singh, Manager (Global Residency/Business Immigration), WWICS

More and more people now move countries for opportunity and stability. Residency and citizenship programmes help individuals explore business opportunities overseas and create a global wealth portfolio. Investment migration is becoming a strategic tool for families to move to their desired country , says Maninder Singh, Manager of Global Residency/Business Immigration at WWICS.

1. Residency by Investment-

Residency by Investment programmes are tailored for foreign investors to get second residency with an option to invest in existing or new business, real-estate and government bonds

a. Residency by investment in real estate or govt bonds

US EB5 Investor Visa Programme

• Invest US$900,000 in a regional center (an entity, organization or agency that has been approved by the USCIS)

• Foreign nationals and their immediate family members can get lawful permanent residency or US Green Cards

 Portugal Golden Residence Program - Acquire a property of minimum €280,000 or more worth

Malta – Investment starting at € 250,000 govt bonds

Spain - Property purchase of minimum of € 500,000

Greece – Minimum €250,000 investment in real estate

Cyprus – Investment starting at €2,0 million in real estate

b. Residency by Investing in Existing /New Business

Canada Start Up Visa Programme

Invest in your own business

Permanent residency for family and pathway for citizenship

Avail all social benefits of Canada, for example, free education up to Grade 12 and subsidised education for University, World Class Free Health Care and Old Age Pension Plan

• United Kingdom

The programme is designed for entrepreneurs who want to set up a new business in the UK.

You must have at least £50,000 in investment funds.

The investment must be productive, be profitable to the UK economy, and facilitate financial growth.

Indefinite leave to remain after three years and thereafter obtaining a UK passport.

 Hungarian Entrepreneur Programme [HER]-

Investment starting at €50,000

2. Citizenship by Investment (CBI)

This programme allows investors and their families to obtain legal citizenship and passport of a particular country when a significant investment has been made to the country either in the form of donation or in Govt. approved real estate projects.

Countries offering CBI programme

i. Commonwealth of Dominica

ii. Antigua & Barbuda

iii. St Kitts & Nevis

iv. St Lucia

v. Grenada

vi. Vanuatu

Investment starting at $100,000

Benefits of obtaining second Residency/Citizenship

• Global Mobility - Visa-free or visa on-arrival travel to more than 170 countries

• Favourable business regulations and tax benefits

• No need to denounce original nationality

• Access to excellent healthcare and education system

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If you too are looking for an immigration option, WWICS can definitely help you bring your dreams to life!

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