The board of directors of Epoch Cosmetics and Toiletries (from left to right) Qaid Johar Fakhruddin, Abbas Fakhruddin, Akbar Ali Fakhruddin, Shabbir Fakhruddin, and Huzaifa Fakhruddin Image Credit: Supplied

A few months ago, when the novel coronavirus outbreak shook up the world, millions of bottles of hand sanitisers flew off the shelves all over the world. Tell us how it helped your brand.

We were very surprised with the uptake in demand, and found it extremely difficult to keep up with the requirements of the public. With global supply chains closing during the lockdown period sourcing raw materials was challenging. It was important for our brand as it helped us gain recognition as we were able to provide people with a high-quality sanitisers, which were government-approved and we made sure to keep all of our prices reasonable so everyone would be able to take the necessary precautions.

Tell us about the original inspiration behind Elegant brand of sanitisers? What are the other products you have?

Elegant is our flagship brand from Epoch and was aimed at providing high quality products with “elegant” designs to our customers, hence the name of the brand. It also represents us as a family-run business that aims to provide customers with the highest possible value at reasonable prices through our wide range of products. Elegant provides a wide range of home cleaning items such as window cleaners, antiseptic liquids and furniture polish as well as other sanitary items such as wipes and toilet sanitisers.

What are the key features of Elegant hand sanitisers?

Our hand sanitisers all contain over 70 per cent isopropyl alcohol, which is in accordance with WHO requirements in fighting Covid-19. All of the items are also registered with Dubai Municipality and tested by the Dubai Government to ensure that consumers receive a high-quality product.

What are the advantages of using Elegant hand sanitisers in our daily lives? How does it protect us?

The novel coronavirus can spread through touch and it is very important to keep your hands clean as it comes into contact with many surfaces, especially as the economy has opened up, Elegant hand sanitisers kill 99.9 per cent germs and bacteria. The Elegant sprays can also be used on surfaces before touching them in order to prevent spreading the disease.

What is your current priority to combat the great challenge that the country is facing?

It is very important for us to have our products available to customers everywhere in the UAE. To do this we are not only widely available in stores in the UAE, but we have also ensured that we are always in stock and available at competitive prices on all major online retailers.

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