As one of the first shopping malls built in Dubai, Al Ghurair City continues to attract a steady flow of loyal customers. Image Credit: Javed Nawab/Gulf News Archive

Dubai: After an extensive makeover, Dubai’s very first mall, Al Ghurair Centre, will open its expanded retail area on October 1. Representing more than 130 new outlets, this represents a key milestone for the Dh2 billion overhaul.

The mall will now offer 850,000 square feet of retail, food and beverage and entertainment across 350 outlets. “The new retail offering appeals to a broad customer base being primarily mid- to upper-mid income consumers,” said David Thurling, Vice-President — malls for Al Ghurair Properties.

Central to the expansion opening is a complete re-packaging of the mall’s branding. “We feel our brand belongs to our community,” Thurling added. “Our mall, being an urban downtown property, has a unique place in this city.

“Al Ghurair Centre is as much an outward facing shopping destination as it is inward facing. Unlike almost every major mall in Dubai, we connect directly to the people who live in our community. Our external sidewalks and tree-lined streets are a part of the Al Ghurair Centre experience, just as the wonderful new interiors.”

Al Ghurair Centre is planning to conduct a marketing strategy in which it will move away from the traditional seasonal promotions common at other city malls. “We intend to create a very special district in and around our mall that will come alive throughout the entire year as a place for street theatre, art and music,” said Thurling.

“In many ways, the centre will build on the inherent vibrancy of the surrounding streets to create a bustling experience similar to places like Greenwich Village in New York or Covent Garden in London.”

The new expansion also features an 18 outlet food court and Sparky’s family entertainment centre.