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Jewellery trading has been an integral part of Dubai's growth story. From a pearl diving hub to becoming a leading jewellery destination of the world, Dubai has come a long way. Over the years, the emirate has maintained this status, ensuring that it meets the dynamic needs of customers from all over the world. To its credit, one in three tourists of the city visits a jewellery store, and buying jewellery has become the most valuable memorabilia that tourists and residents like to indulge in.

Dubai Jewellery Group (DJG) was set up in 1996 to maintain this momentum. As the trade body for the jewellery industry in the UAE, DJG has established a robust network of traders and corporates that work hand in hand to deliver outstanding experiences through innovative campaigns.

To further amp up its efforts, DJG has launched its brand-new corporate video in line with its vision to collectively strive to keep Dubai at the forefront of the global gold and jewellery trade through excellence in quality, services and the most competitive prices.

The video gives a glimpse into Dubai’s heritage as a leading jewellery designation—capturing the essence and genesis of the emirate and highlighting the variety, scale and diversity that the industry offers.


“Dubai has a unique and dynamic position in the world of jewellery,” says Laila Suhail, Board Member Chairperson – Marketing Committee, Dubai Jewellery Group, and CEO, Strategic Alliance and Partnerships Sector DCTCM and Entities. “To keep up with its growth and the appeal it has to people from all over the world, Dubai Jewellery Group has been leveraging innovation. Our new corporate video is an embodiment of Dubai jewellery sector’s past, present and future and we look forward to capturing the hearts of people with it.”

Highlighting DJG’s approach to uniting the industry under one label and giving partner brands a stage to showcase all that they have, the video depicts the vast expertise, knowledge, technical know-how, innovation, and agility the local industry possesses, which have resulted in the creation of products and services that resonate with local audiences while maintaining its worldwide relevance.

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