Dubai: Car owners in the region have been alerted about the global recall of recently purchased vehicles.

A spokesperson for the German company Daimler AG said that "affected" individuals are "currently being informed" about the recall which, according to reports, could affect one million units globally. The issue stems from a potentially faulty fuse that can overheat and start fires.

“All affected customers in our region are currently being informed by the general distributors of Mercedes-Benz,” the automaker said in a statement sent to Gulf News.

According to reports, a total of one million newer models of Mercedes-Benz will be recalled after a defective fuse has been linked to 51 fire incidents. More than 300,000 vehicles in the United States alone are impacted by the recall.

The company could not, however, say how many cars in the region are included in the worldwide recall.

It said the affected vehicles need to be taken to the dealer so that the issue can be fixed. The procedure will take about an hour.

“The necessary work to install an additional fuse will be carried out by Daimler AG during a one-hour workshop visit at no cost to the customer,” the company said.

The affected Mercedes-Benz models include certain A-Class (176 platform), B-Class (242/246 platform), CLA (117 platform), GLA (156 platform), C-Class (205 platform), E-Class (213 platform) and GLC (253 platform) vehicles.

“[On these vehicles] the starting current limiter could be overloaded under certain conditions during the starting procedure. In case the starter would be blocked due to a previously occurred damage (for instance, hydrolocked engine), a very high electric current would flow through the starting current limiter during the following start attempt,” Daimler explained.

“Should the driver attempt to start the engine repeatedly despite the engine not cranking, the very high electric current might lead to overheating of the starting current limiter.”