Tonino Lamborghini wants to bring an Italian touch to Dubai's property market. And he wants to build a museum too. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Tonino Lamborghini will not be denied.

If his first attempt at creating ‘Lamborghini’ branded residences in Dubai ended in failure, this time he wants to get everything done right. Tonino’s plan is to find the right investor-partner into building a residential project in Dubai, a niche hospitality project in Abu Dhabi, and if all goes well, a museum that will bear the name of his legendary father, Ferruccio, who launched the storied Lamborghini automotive brand. (The Italian supercar carmaker is now part of Germany’s Volkswagen Group.)

“My first attempt in Dubai was back in 2018 with a developer from China, but that did not go according to plan and the project was scrapped,” said Tonino, who is in Dubai to explore the new joint development possibilities. “This time, I am talking to some interested parties about creating something that bears the full Lamborghini stamp.

“From my side, I plan to invest anywhere up to $500 million to make it work and I am in close contact with renowned architect Shaun Killa to bring the best of concepts.” (Shaun Killa was the creative mind behind the Museum of the Future.)

Stuff of legends - Ferruccio Lamborghini is the name behind the celebrated automotive marque. The brand has been part of the Volkswagen Group since 1998. Image Credit: Supplied

Keeping a distance

Tonino keeps his distance from the automotive company that launched his family name to stellar heights. That, however, doesn’t mean he is completely off anything to do with the concept of rides. He has a company that makes electric cars for city rides as well as electric scooters.

Real estate is what fascinates Tonino, and which he has given shape to in Italy. There is also the furniture making and other lines that stick close to the real estate side of his business. “I am here to try and introduce a new concept of residential or commercial real estate, one which gives a lot of attention to green,” he said. “Sure, there are lots and lots of buildings in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that are conceptually nice, but don’t have green areas. “In Italy, we have vertical gardens and this market is ready for more of those kind of concepts.”

I don't do gadgets and add the Lamborghini name to them. I produce luxury, genuine 'Made in Italy' luxury

- Tonino Lamborghini

A different sort of museum

He may be keeping an eye out for residential or hospitality ventures, but Tonino will not be deterred from pursuing the museum ambitions. “It needn’t be about art – the way I see it the museum should be futuristic,” he added. “The way I envision it, the museum will be dedicated to holographic events, a big venue that could hold virtual fashion shows, concerts, and anything of that nature.”

Such a museum has already opened in Italy, also bearing the father’s name. For Tonino, it’s much more than paying tribute to the patriarch.

“I believe in this country - I consider the holographic museum as a project for the future,” said Tonino. “I wish to participate in this evolution. I realise that one cannot do everything on one’s own in real estate, especially in another country. The right idea, though, can do the work for us.”

That and a willingness to bring $500 million to the table should do it for Tonino Lamborghini.