With a young population and an equally younger workforce that’s coming into Dubai, there is a steady demand for studios and one-bedroom apartments. However, when it comes to setting up smaller homes, there could be space saving challenges that homeowners need to overcome to make it functional, as well as appealing.

Go modular

One of the things you can do is use modular furniture to transform the look and feel of the house. Modular furniture gives the user the freedom to modify the furniture for different uses, making a home both compact and comfortable. Sayed Habib, general manager, business development, Danube Home, says, “Modular furniture is pre-made or ready-made furniture, which can be used according to the need of the client and the room space. It is easy to install and dismantle, and gives a modern look to any living space.”

The main advantage, Habib says, is the cost factor. Compared to its utility, modular furniture is less expensive. “Begin by considering your space. If you have limited space, a smaller couch, chair or table will work best, but for a larger room, you would need a piece that fits the scale.” He recommends selecting durable and comfortable items, so they last long. “Solid wood frames will last longer than particle board or light metal. Also, look matters, but what’s more important is the comfort factor. So choose wisely.”

Habib believes the most important thing is to choose furniture that reflects your style and personality. “Do some research, exploring designs and look at furniture online, in magazines and books. This will help give you an idea. You can also tour model homes to get new ideas for designs and colour schemes, taking photos of the furniture along the way. Decide how the spaces you’re focusing on will be used.”

More tips

Furthermore, he offers the following tips when choosing the right kind of modular furniture for one’s interiors.

Consider your space: You want to be sure that the item you’re looking at will fit in the room adequately without looking too cluttered, oversized, or out of place.

Decide on the size: When you understand how big the space you have available is, you can better choose the size of furniture to purchase.

Finish and fabric: How a piece is finished makes a difference. This includes the design of any exposed wood, the selection of fabric, and the colours.

Be creative: Set your own trends and have furniture that reflects your style and personality.

Identify quality: When you’ve found a piece that you like, be sure to inspect the quality. For sofas and chairs, sit in them, wiggle them and examine their build. Be sure to look for any signs of repairs or replacements such as legs and upholstery and assess whether they were done well and with quality materials. “The right furniture arrangement makes your space comfy and will definitely make many hearts skip a beat,” says Habib.

Habib offers another practical advice: measure your space. “Don’t assume you have space for whatever you select,” he says. “When you measure your space, you can easily choose the size of furniture that will fit in your room.”

It’s also important to match your expectation with your budget. “Identify your style preferences and set goals regarding the functionality of the space,” offers Habib. While modular furniture is easy to install and dismantle according one’s need, it also gives a modern look to any home or office. “These furnitures are very helpful to save space,” says Habib. “The best part is you can use them in different ways.”