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“I always like to say that we build real homes for real people and that if you focus on the customer then everything else falls in line,” says Robert Booth, Co-founder and Managing Director of Ellington Properties. The Canadian businessman has a wealth of experience in the Dubai property sector, having previously held senior roles at Emaar Properties, bringing more than 40,000 residential units to the market.

But what do the real people Booth refers to truly want when looking for a property? Dubai resident Hfu Reisenhofer – a Communications Manager from Austria – says that the lifestyle attributes of a property are an important factor. “I look at the environment and the amount of greenery as well as the safety and the amount of traffic, as we have two young daughters,” he says.

“We have our own garden but additional green spaces are always a bonus. There is also a playground, which is a good thing and my wife and I take advantage of exercise classes, so it’s good if they’re available nearby.”

While, like most residents, Reisenhofer says that affordability is important, the convenience of a property’s location is also a significant factor. “The proximity to my elder daughter’s school is a big issue because we don’t want to have to drive too far and for too long in the mornings,” he says.

Wilton Park Residences features an Infinity Pool overlooking green space Image Credit: Supplied

Kamakshi Gupta, a Communications Officer from India, says that the community itself is an important part of her property choice. “Where I live, there are a lot of families with young kids. I would rather be in an area where there are other families with young children and amenities like playgrounds and swimming pools because it becomes easier for my child to go out and interact with kids his age,” she says.

We like the concept of inside and outside living, both within your own apartment or home and even within the amenities. We like to be generous with both indoor and outdoor amenities.

- Robert Booth, Co-founder and Managing Director of Ellington Properties

For Athina Simeonidou, a Creative Director from Greece, transport infrastructure is top of her agenda when she’s selecting a home. “My first priority is transportation links as I don’t drive and it’s also important for me to be close to shops and supermarkets,” she says. “My next priority is green spaces and areas that I walk around as well as amenities such as swimming pools.”

According to Robert Booth, green space and a sense of community are one of the key elements of his company’s developments, including its latest project – Wilton Park Residences in Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City. “We like the concept of inside and outside living, both within your own apartment or home and even within the amenities. We like to be generous with both indoor and outdoor amenities,” he says.

Ellington Properties' latest development is surrounded by two expansive parks Image Credit: Supplied

The latest Ellington Properties development comprises 12-storied twin towers, offering a choice of studios, one- and two-bedroom apartments. It is surrounded by parkland and each residence offers floor-to-ceiling windows, good-sized balconies and direct access to outside space. The generous outdoor amenities Booth refers to include an Infinity Pool, Zen Garden and yoga areas and residents also benefit from an indoor children’s play area, a state-of-the-art gym and large communal spaces.

From speaking to Dubai residents, their homes’ proximity to amenities such as schools and shops was a recurring theme – a fact recognised by Booth and his team. In fact, Wilton Park Residences is located just five minutes from Downtown Dubai and Dubai Mall, six minutes from DIFC and less than 15 minutes from Dubai International Airport.

It is also just one minute away from Sobha Hartland International School, so it’s not only safe for kids but it ticks that all important box of being in close proximity to a good-quality school.

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