Tips to save
Simple ways to save that add up Image Credit: Supplied


  • Ways to cope with hidden expenses.
  • Steps that add up finally.

It’s a great lifestyle that UAE allows most of us but it is usually accompanied by a caveat – debt. Yes, there are all those major financial decisions you can take, such as detailed budgeting, re-structuring loans to help. But, there are also things that you can do at a more immediate level to save some money every day.

I’m no financial expert, but these tips are based on real-life experiences from friends and peers!

1) Drink more water

Tap water
Tap water in the UAE is safe to consume Image Credit: Supplied

It is great to stay hydrated, is healthier and saves money. Also, you reduce your carbon footprint. Aerated drinks cost more than water, be it at home or in a restaurant. And as you are in the UAE, it is perfectly safe to opt for tap water. An absolute win.

2) Sharing is caring for your pocket

Shopping online
It is a good idea to shop online and share shipping fees Image Credit: Supplied

A recent online study showed that over 30 per cent of shopping in the UAE is online. So, most probably you could definitely find friends or colleagues who might want to shop from the same outlet as you. Janine Rogan, a financial educator, told Business Insider: "[Sharing online purchasing] …allows you to have a larger order, which might mean free shipping, or at the very least, you can split the cost of shipping!"

3) Eat together

Ordering food
Order together, save on cost, have a variety and achieve portion control! Image Credit: Supplied

We would all love to have wonderful home cooked meals, but quite often we’ve either not had the time or the inclination to toil in the kitchen. So, UAE tends to order in a lot. Split portions with friends or colleagues, so that you can portion control, spend less and divide the delivery cost.

4) Delete your information

no passwords
Do not let apps save your information. Make shopping tougher. Image Credit: Supplied

Shopping apps love to store your credit card details and passwords, so that it makes it so much easier to hit the buy button. It might be convenient but don’t save this information. It gives you time to pause for thought on your purchases. You can even take it a step further and place it under the ‘items you love’ or ‘wish list’ option. Wait at least a day before going back and checking if you really ‘need’ to go ahead with your purchase. Control your impulses.

5) Watch movies from apps

Watching online
Cast movies from apps onto bigger screens to have cost-effective cinema experiences. Image Credit: Supplied

A movie once a week usually sets a person back by at least Dh100 in the UAE, if not more. Instead opt for apps that allow you to watch relatively new movies and television series at a monthly subscription, which is way cheaper than a movie ticket. You can even cast these onto a bigger screen, making it a cost-effective family experience.

6) Pay yourself

Pay yourself
Put away small sums and they all add up. Image Credit: Supplied

Be nice to yourself and set a daily wage. Could be Dh10 per day or more. Put it away in a jar and eventually it will add up.

7) Switch fees

Save on switch fees, use your specific bank's ATM. Image Credit: Supplied

You need to use the ATM but the bank you use cannot be found. And as Gulf News Business Banking Editor Babu Das Augustine confirmed, this usually means a ‘switch fees’ of about Dh2. In case of an emergency it is understandable, otherwise write down where the ATMs are located as a phone note and use accordingly. You could also go a step ahead and change to a bank that has easier availability of ATMs or has no-cost tie-ups.

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