Range Developments webinar Grenada
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Demand for second passports for the Caribbean nation of Grenada continues to soar for a number of reasons including tax benefits, travel advantages, a family-friendly approach, healthcare and infrastructure as well as the option to reside in the United States.

To explore all the benefits in detail, Gulf News is holding a new webinar Grenada: Citizenship by Investment with global mobility and the option to reside in the USA. Tune in at 3pm on November 17 for an exclusive discussion between Mohammed Asaria, Managing Director of Range Developments, who has assisted 4,000 individuals to obtain citizenship in the Caribbean, and The Honourable Peter David, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Labour in Grenada.

For those looking to secure a safety net as well as a gateway to US residency, Grenada offers one of the world’s top-ranked citizenship by investment (CBI) programmes, as well as being the only Caribbean CBI jurisdiction whose passport holders are eligible for the United States E-2 visa, allowing investors to live and work in the US. Grenada’s CBI programme also has the widest travel benefits when compared with its Caribbean peers, with visa-free travel to over 130 countries including the United Kingdom, China, Russia, Schengen countries, Hong Kong, Singapore and many others.

The picturesque island nation’s CBI programme has also been specifically designed to cater to families, as it can include siblings of the main applicant and their spouse, children below the age of 30, as well as parents of the applicant.

If you’re wondering what investment options are available in Grenada, look no further than Range Development’s Six Senses La Sagesse. Voted the world’s best hotel brand by Travel + Leisure for three consecutive years, Six Senses Hotels Resorts and Spas creates places in which to reconnect with yourself, in settings of breathtaking natural beauty, boasting exceptional guest experiences.

Now is the perfect time to consider the option of CBI in Grenada, particularly as the US heralds a new era of unity and optimism following the election results. President-elect Joe Biden has already set the tone for renewed confidence, inclusion and cooperation. Add to that the celebration of Kamala Harris as the first female Vice President of African-Asian descent, and America looks to cement its position as the most coveted destination for individuals and families to reside, study and invest despite the broader impact of Covid-19.

Explore the extensive advantages of Grenada’s competitive CBI programme by tuning into our webinar on Nov 17 at 3pm here at Gulf News.