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There’s a certain confidence and peace of mind that comes from having a good amount of savings. Yet, developing a sustainable habit of saving can be challenging for many.

National Bonds comes to the rescue with innovative savings products, and actually rewards those customers who save — enticing more individuals to go the extra mile to secure their future.

Since its inception in 2006, National Bonds, the UAE-based saving and investment company has been creating millionaires out of savers to reward them for their healthy practice of regularly putting aside money and investing.

This year, National Bonds proudly announces that it has given AED 1 million each to eight customers in the UAE. These eight customers, out of which four are Emiratis and four are expats, have been saving with National Bonds over the years and now join the long list of 206 millionaire winners picked by National Bonds.

But that’s not the only thing National Bonds is doing. Every year, the company runs an annual Dh35 million rewards program that is packed with over 423,000 prizes in cash, cars and much more.

Notably, from the start of the rewards program, one in every five UAE citizens and residents has won a reward with National Bonds — encouraging new and existing customers to jump on the savings bandwagon and leverage the possibility of becoming an overnight millionaire.

Saving changed my life

Talal Alhosani, a UAE-resident said: “I would’ve never imagined becoming a millionaire by simply saving with National Bonds. The news has come as a real surprise and with this money, I will be able to lead a very good life. All I can say is that saving changed my life and I thank National Bonds for that.”

I feel blessed

UAE-resident Asma Tariq said: “I’ve been saving with National Bonds since the very beginning and here I am now. I am humbled to have been chosen to win Dh1 million, especially as this has come at a time when I need to put my kids through school and college. Alhamdulillah! I feel blessed.”

Rehab Lootah, Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer at National Bonds, congratulated the winners of this year’s rewards programmes. “Saving is an important habit to inculcate as it is one of the key pillars of a secure future. Especially in today’s environment where the pressures of daily living expenses are mounting and it is becoming harder for people to save. As one of the largest savings and investment companies in the UAE, we have created an exciting rewards programme that seeks to provide an added incentive for people to practice saving regularly and transform the lives of the people in the UAE,” she said.

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“We are deeply moved by the success of our rewards programme, which has seen the making of several overnight millionaires over the years while improving the lives of thousands of customers through countless avenues to save and grow. We seek to inspire more people to start their savings journey with us and welcome them to reap the benefits of our Dh35 million annual rewards program,” she added.

Lootah goes on to explain that while the concept of saving isn’t new, it is still something that remains an abstract concept for many. To this end, National Bonds is on a mission to help people understand the benefits of saving through an all-encompassing financial literacy drive that provides tools, resources and inspiration to all those seeking to achieve proper financial health through proper money management and a robust savings plan.

Building a Savings Culture in UAE

Since its inception, National Bonds has been keenly driving the vision to build a robust savings culture in the UAE. The array of savings and investment options available through National Bonds caters to different factions of society based on nationalities and gender, as well as according to people’s saving goals.

By offering financial instruments that cater to the diverse needs of customers, the investment firm has carved out a niche among UAE investors and has established itself as a leading savings avenue for millions of residents.

The company has exercised a positive influence on saving among expats and residents, as witnessed by the 16 per cent increase in its number of customers with regular savings, as of November 2022.

The company has also seen growing awareness about the importance of saving amongst women, whose deposits have increased by 12 per cent, as of November 2022. Currently, 42 per cent of National Bonds’ total customer base comprises of women and 17 per cent are youth—a reflection of sound saving habits among people in the country.

Having a solid nest egg opens doors of possibilities and safeguards the lives of loved ones against life's uncertainties and National Bonds is all about facilitating that gift of choice.

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