Rehab Lootah, Deputy Group CEO at National Bonds Image Credit: Supplied

National Bonds Corporation announced the appointment of Rehab Lootah as its new Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer. Lootah was previously Senior Vice President SME and Retail Business at Mawarid Finance.

Lootah has a broad understanding and extensive experience of more than 20 years in the Islamic retail finance industry as well as the government sector. She has been responsible for various projects and socially responsible ventures including the Tamaiaz Award and Entrepreneurs Forum (EF). As a Certified Sharia Advisor and Auditor, Lootah has the precise operational and communication skills along with leadership competences to deliver and drive financial performance.

“We are pleased that Rehab Lootah has joined our company as Deputy Group CEO at National Bonds,” said Group CEO Mohammed Qasim Al Ali. “As Deputy CEO, Lootah will lead high-priority digitisation projects, oversee our customer-centric strategies and manage day-to-day operations to ensure we are on track to meet our customer’s growing expectations, explore new partnerships with key external stakeholders, and support the senior leadership team.

“As a leading business personality in the UAE, she has won a variety of awards, including being the world’s first woman recipient of the CIMA certification in Islamic finance. To have someone of her calibre and proficiency as well as more than two decades of experience join us will facilitate the company’s vision for innovation and growth.”

“I strive to thrive in this new role and look forward to harnessing my team’s creativity while leading projects that would make a direct impact on our bondholders,” said Lootah. “The recipe for success in any organisation is to have a customer-centric approach at the core. Our focus is and will remain on delivering long-term solutions to maximize our customers’ wealth, enable them to be financially secure and knowledgeable, as well as have a safety net ready for whenever they need it.”

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