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Every person has the basic need for cleanliness and hygiene. Meiko meets this with clean solutions for professional dishwashing, cleaning, disinfecting and food waste disposal. Meiko’s employees put special passion and creativity into their work: for sustainable, hygienic solutions that contribute to bringing customers’ work forward.

When it comes to cleanliness and hygiene, Meiko’s name immediately comes to mind. The company was founded in 1927 in the German Schwarzwald. Today it stands for hygienic dishwashing, cleaning, disinfecting and food waste disposal technology worldwide.

Innovation: The force behind it all

Partying, going out, enjoying life. The big cities in the 1920s are characterised by a new culture of indulgence. This leads to massive amounts of dishes that are almost impossible to wash manually. Inspired by those circumstances, Oskar Meier and Franz Konrad established Meiko in 1927. Their mission is to “make the world cleaner” and to create perfect dishwashing solutions to satisfy all requirements. They want to fulfill the human’s need for cleanliness and hygiene with dishwashing technologies and cleaning and disinfecting appliances. Innovation at Meiko starts with the customer's needs. Together, the best solutions, with real demand and high benefits in mind, come to life. This includes food waste disposal equipment to utilise kitchen waste and leftover food. Ideally, the remaining substrate can be used to generate electricity. This is what a truly clean cycle looks like.


Since its founding days, Meiko has been operating sustainably - Meiko doesn’t think in quarters but in generations. Acting with a vision, not just for immediate success - this is how Meiko has been successful for more than 95 years. Growing from a 5-man-business to a global company that employs more than 2600 people also leads to more responsibility. With its own sustainability strategy Meiko paves the way for an even more sustainable management. Be it in production, development of products, the infrastructure, purchasing policy, management culture or supply chains. MEIKO keeps it all in mind: the ecological, economic and social responsibility.


Hygiene starts at Meiko. As early as in the 1930s, customers included hospitals and care facilities. Meiko develops cleaning and disinfecting equipment that meet the highest hygiene requirements. To this day, synergies in the dishwashing sector build the perfect base for developments that enthuse customers around the globe. Meiko’s slogan in the 1930s read: ”Hygiene is the law”! Until today, the high demands stayed the same and customers all over the world know that they can trust the hygiene safety of Meiko products and technology. Whether that be in hospitals, care facilities, respiratory protection workshops, hotels, gastronomy, bars, cafes, inflight-catering, on trains or cruise ships.

Company culture

Values give orientation which is more important today than ever before. Meiko follows strong values that shape the internal and external company culture. One of those values, fairness, is expressed in fair personnel management as well as fairness towards clients, partners and suppliers. Meiko's active and engaging employees play an important role in maintaining this value culture: Respect and fairness unite across any borders and shape all 27 Meiko -companies across the globe. Meiko is part of a foundation securing employment and company welfare - a good base for Meiko to move forward sustainably and successfully.