Parkin PJSC Logo Artwork Dubai
Another Dubai IPO is ready to pull in retail investors to the stock markets. Parkin ticks all the boxes. Image Credit: Supplied/Dubai Media Office

Dubai's financial landscape is gearing up for a transformative event with the highly anticipated IPO of Parkin getting underway.

As the dominant name in Dubai's parking spaces management, commanding over 90 per cent market share, Parkin has established itself as a key contributor to the city's thriving economic ecosystem. Last year saw Parkin's revenue climb an impressive 13.5 per cent annually, reaching Dh779.4 million, accompanied by a robust 23 per cent growth EBITDA to Dh414.4 million.

The IPO is expected to attract significant interest from investors seeking stable returns, particularly those focused on dividend income. The parking business's stable demand, influenced by factors such as population growth and urbanization, ensures consistent revenue.

The company has also detailed plans for a semi-annual dividend, with the first payments slated for October 2024. The minimum dividend payout will be determined by the higher of two factors: either 100 per cent of the annual profit or the free cash flow to equity, subject to meeting distributable reserves requirements.

The IPO will involve 749.7 million shares, each with a nominal value of Dh0.02, representing 24.99 per cent of Parkin's total issued share capital. At the listing date, the company's share capital stands at Dh60 million, divided into 3 billion fully paid-in shares.

The IPO of Parkin represents a significant development for Dubai's capital markets and provides insights into the city's thriving financial landscape. Commencing subscription on March 5, Parkin's IPO opens its doors to retail investors until March 12, while institutional investors can participate until March 13.

The minimum investment threshold of Dh5,000 ($1,360) enhances accessibility, and the scheduled listing date on March 21 holds the potential to generate substantial interest.

Beyond the distinction of being the first Dubai IPO of the year, Parkin offers several advantages for investors. Allocating 10 per cent to retail investors broadens the investor base, but also augments the potential liquidity of the offering.

Parkin's entry into the DFM introduces a new sector, likely capturing the interest of investors seeking portfolio diversification.

As an entity under Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority, Parkin benefits from government support as it has a 49-year concession agreement with the RTA, granting exclusive rights to operate all the RTA's existing and new public parking facilities.

Parkin is pursuing growth through initiatives like creating new parking spaces, expanding agreements with private developers, and optimizing tariffs, instilling confidence among investors. Currently, the company is operating over 197,000 parking spaces across Dubai.

As the company operates in a sector related to Dubai’s broader economy, Parkin will benefit from the ever-growing appeal. Dubai's robust economic growth (3.3 per cent in the first nine months of 2023) and tourism sector (a 19.4 per cent year-on-year increase in international visitors in 2023), contribute the backdrop for the city's future.

Halfway to that 10 listing plan

Dubai's grand vision for its financial market, introduced in November 2021, aims to position the city as a regional powerhouse. This strategic plan revolves around two pivotal initiatives: the listing of 10 state-owned companies on the DFM and the establishment of a Dh2 billion market-maker fund to diversify the market.

With the listing of the first five state-owned enterprises on the DFM since 2022, Dubai is actively progressing towards realizing this. These initiatives, coupled with the ongoing expansion of the existing market, position Dubai as a vibrant and appealing destination for investors seeking opportunities in the Middle East and beyond.

The listing marks a significant step towards realizing the city's vision of becoming a regional financial powerhouse. It attracts valuable investment, diversifies the market, and showcases Dubai's thriving financial ecosystem.

Parkin's vision aligns with Dubai's robust economic growth and flourishing tourism sector, creating a mutually beneficial environment.