The Arab Women Authority pioneered the launch of the Women's Development Fund. With its National Bonds' alliance, the entity want to offer Arab women a chance to update their financial literacy. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Arab women in the UAE and wider region will be offered financial management skills and saving tools through a new partnership between National Bonds and Arab Women Authority.

A joint committee will be set up to host forums and events aimed at encouraging women to invest and save, and to improve their skills and financial literacy. The platform will also allow the exchange of experiences to support micro-income generating projects for women, thus providing job opportunities and reducing unemployment.

“We aim to target all women across the Arab world with this partnership,” said Rehab Lootah, Deputy Group CEO at National Bonds. “Moreover, we want to inspire and encourage more women across the region to embrace a fruitful savings journey to increase their financial gain.”

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by Rehab Lootah, Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer at National Bonds and Mohammed Al-Dulaimi, Secretary-General from Arab Women Authority. Image Credit: Supplied

The Arab Women Authority pioneered the Women’s Development Fund, which alleviated the suffering of 215,000 women in economically backward Arab countries. Recently, it worked on a sustainability initiative –‘Our Green World’ - which aims to plant 22 million trees, or one million trees per year for each Arab country.

“Empowered women make empowered societies, which is why the onus is on us at National Bonds to give them the financial tools and skills they need to move forward towards their goals and dreams,” said Rehab.