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Robots at work along with their human counterparts at an Amazon fulfillment centre in the US. A new Oracle study suggests the machines can also help out with making career planning. (Image used for illustrative purposes only.) Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Robots helping out with work? Yes.

Robots helping out with careers? The UAE workforce believe that robots can. And how?

A resounding 91 per cent believe robots can support career choices better than a human by giving unbiased recommendations (38 per cent); quickly answering questions about the state of their career (39 per cent); or helping to find new jobs that fit their current skills (39 per cent).

And 87 per cent of respondents in an Oracle-sponsored survey said they would make life changes based on such recommendations.

“The evolving nature of the workplace shifted the way people think about success and reset people’s expectations for how organizations can best support them,” said Yvette Cameron, Senior Vice-President at Oracle Cloud HCM. “Businesses need to place a higher priority on helping employees identify and develop new skills and provide personalized career journeys so they can feel in control of their careers again.”

A time for sharpened skills
For the survey, done in tandem with Workplace Intelligence, 14,639 C-Suite executives, HR leaders, managers and full-time employees were asked questions about the impact of COVID-19 on the workplace, AI and career development, and AI adoption at the workplace.

“The results clearly show that investment in skills and career development is now a key differentiator for employers as it plays a significant role in employees feeling like they have control over their personal and professional lives," said Dan Schawbel, Managing Partner, Workplace Intelligence.

"Businesses that invest in their employees and help them find opportunities will reap the benefits of a productive, engaged workforce.”

Will that help come from AI?

In resetting their careers, many will be closely looking at what learning more about AI can help. In the Oracle poll, 74 per cent of UAE respondents said are more likely to stay with a company that uses advanced technologies like AI to support career growth.

“Cloud-based digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) level the playing field for companies of all sizes,” said Rahul Misra, Vice-President for Business Applications, (Lower Gulf) at Oracle. “SMEs have been leading the way when it comes to cloud adoption in region.”

In sync with times

In the UAE, 96 per cent of respondents want technology to help with their futures by identifying skills they need to develop (42 per cent); recommend ways to learn new skills (42 per cent); and provide next steps to progress towards career goals (38 per cent). Maybe, with a little help from robots, they can…