190129 Huawei
Huawei will push its latest 5G networks and solutions as part of the UAE wins. It will also help develop best-use cases across industry categories. Image Credit: Bloomberg

Dubai: The Chinese tech super-brand Huawei has firmed up its presence in the UAE’s 5G space by securing new wins with du.

Huawei will build 5G cloud edge applications and “incubate business scenarios” for sectors such as industry, entertainment, education, retail and others.

According to Richard Liu, President of Huawei’s Cloud Core Network product-line said: This innovation agreement marks the beginning of MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing) innovation in the UAE. Huawei has conducted extensive research in MEC since 4G, and now has deployed a wealth of MEC-related 5G applications in various industries.

“With this as a solid basis, Huawei will help du unlock more and more MEC applications, paving the way towards a digital 2026.”

The company will provide a plug-and-play MEC solution to improve the delivery efficiency for the edge site. This will see du develop 5G MEC use cases for industrial applications while Huawei will provide the platform.

du also plans to find suitable local enterprises to build the 5G MEC commercial use cases “as Huawei will provide network and technology support to enable edge use cases for du’s enterprise customers”.

“Mobilizing our joint forces together with Huawei is a big step for the mobile industry,” said Saleem AlBlooshi, Chief Technology Officer of du.

Du Huawei
Saleem AlBlooshi, (right) Chief Technology Officer of du and Richard Liu, President of Huawei’s Cloud Core Network after the signing.