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Musky lays claims to be the first Metaverse salesperson. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: UAE-based entities have bought real estate on the Metaverse, and have launched or helped with ecommerce possibilities in the ‘parallel’ universe. Now, a Dubai firm is ready with creating dedicated salesmen to do the job on the Metaverse.

Step forward, Mr. Musky, billed as being the ‘world’s first meta salesperson’. “Brands often use Decentraland and Roblox to showcase their Metaverse offices,” said Kishore Dharmarajan, CEO of SEO Souq. “However, BurjMeta is demonstrating that you can have your own Metaverse and meta-salesperson working for your brand.”

Burj Meta is a Level One Metaverse that shows how sales can be generated using the virtual landscape, which has business, their consumers, and marketers excited about recreating whatever they have been doing in the real world.

So, what does Musky get to do? “80 per cent of startups do not make it beyond 12 months and the prime reason is lack of sales,” said Dharmarajan. “Imagine having a salesman who works 24x7 for your company and that is Musky for you.

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“Musky is an avatar created for SEO Souq. For other clients, other avatars will be created as per their requirement. For example, the avatar for Air India could be the mustachioed Maharaja…”

Dharmarajan dismisses the notion that Metaverse is all too new-fangled and everyone is trying to find their way into it. “The Metaverse is older than social media and started in 2003 with Second Life,” he added. “It’s becoming trendy due to 5G and the availability of 3D headsets.”

Musky is available on Google Play and an iOS version is to be launched soon. “Musky’s sales pitch can be programmed using AI and the avatar can answer questions from consumers,” Dharmarajan said. “However, the present version is at Level One.”