Video Credit: TBD Media

Dental work is nothing without a human touch. For Ivoclar, dentistry is another form of artistry, with dentists at the centre creating works of art that no computer could ever completely replicate. The tools they use, however, can greatly improve and simplify the complex process, and this is where the team comes in.

The innovators at Ivoclar are committed to providing new, optimal system solutions for dental professionals. Using technological advances, the team are making it easier for dentists to restore and reform patients’ smiles with cloud and software solutions. Ivoclar believes in ‘disruptive innovation’, shaking up the status quo and not being afraid to make big changes with the view of changing and improving the workloads of professionals.

Dating back to the fifties, when Ivoclar pioneered with pearl-effect dentures, their position as industry leaders continuously prepared to raise the bar has been clear; and the most recent innovation? The aesthetic revolution.

“I think what is important is that, as in other industries, you as a customer see what you get first before you buy,” said Diego Gabathuler, CEO, Ivoclar Group. “We think this should also be the case in dentistry, that as a patient you get a visualisation of your future smile.”

Using artificial intelligence and photographic technology, customers can get a preview of their improved smile before the process begins, giving patients the chance to view and customise their smiles. Not only does this better help the paying customer get the service they’re looking for, but it also helps reduce workloads for dental professionals, who spend less time during the consultation process understanding a patient’s requirements.

Being able to adjust and edit smiles immediately, the experts at Ivoclar describe their latest photographic technology as acting like a real time mirror. The technology works from a handheld tablet device, and can be carried out by a dentist whilst the patient lies in the dental chair.

“It’s kind of game-changing technology, I would say,” explained Arnd Peschke, Dr. Med. Dent, Dentist & Director, R&D Clinic, Ivoclar. “I can use this with my patient, I can use this technology with my dental technician, and all three of us working together can manage expectations and plan a treatment on a very high level and exact way.”

Whether rebuilding or creating something brand new, giving someone a new smile has a significant impact on the patient. With a new smile comes new self-esteem, a new sense of identity and a fresh aspect on life. Seeing a new smile in the mirror is a healing and transformative experience, and Ivoclar recognises and respects the importance of dentists, striving to make their lives easier and optimise the workload for the dental industry.