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Intigral, the media and advertising arm of stc Group, has emerged as a trailblazer in Saudi Arabia and the MENA region, redefining the digital entertainment landscape through its groundbreaking Master Aggregator strategy.

The visionary approach has given birth to two flagship OTT platforms, Jawwy TV and stc tv, ushering in an era of unparalleled digital entertainment. Collaborating with over 30 regional and international partners, Intigral has curated an extensive library of over 28,000 video on demand (VoD) titles and 200 linear TV channels on a single platform, revolutionizing content consumption and billing, while utilizing cutting-edge video infrastructure technology for seamless content delivery and top-notch digital experiences.

The rapidly evolving MENA OTT industry is now a fiercely competitive market, with OTT revenues predicted to more than double from $2.8 billion in 2022 to $5.7 billion by 2028. Driving this surge are robust markets like Turkey and Saudi Arabia, spearheading the region's digital evolution.


Key catalysts for the OTT market boom include the widespread deployment of 5G infrastructure, the proliferation of internet-connected devices, budget-friendly pricing, and a surging appetite for internet streaming content spanning live news, sports, and movies. Subscription-based platforms take the lion's share of the market.

"Our mission is to reshape MENA's entertainment landscape by deeply understanding our customers and crafting premium over-the-top media services through our award-winning platforms,” says Markus Golder, CEO of Intigral. “By aggregating high-quality content on innovative digital solutions, we augment existing offerings with master aggregator platforms that celebrate MENA's rich culture."

Fueling this transformative journey, Intigral's dedication to enhancing users' lives has positioned it as an industry leader poised for swift expansion into new markets. The platforms, Jawwy TV and stc tv, have witnessed remarkable growth in the MENA region, capturing unprecedented market share.

Our mission is to reshape MENA's entertainment landscape by deeply understanding our customers and crafting premium over-the-top media services through our award-winning platforms.

- Markus Golder, CEO, Intigral

This seismic leap can be attributed to significant investments in technology, product development, content curation, and customer experiences. This fusion has led to all-encompassing OTT platforms that offer immersive user experiences and curated content celebrating Arabic culture. Staying attuned to global OTT trends while prioritizing customer satisfaction has underpinned their notable accomplishments in H1 2023.

Broadening Reach with Premium Content

Based in Riyadh, Intigral leverages its scalable digital solutions to swiftly deploy its OTT entertainment and sports platforms across the MENA region. Participation in the Telecom World Summit showcased the transformative potential of Telcos-Aggregator partnerships. This win-win strategy facilitates effortless expansion into new markets, offering attractive bundled pricing and comprehensive packages to complement Telcos' existing services. Collaborating with over 14 Telcos and ISPs, Intigral leverages advancing connectivity infrastructure to rapidly bring captivating OTT digital platforms to a wider audience, accelerating coverage expansion.

A notable partnership with Jordanian mobile network operator Umniah has brought Jawwy TV to Umniah Fiber subscribers. Through the Umniah app, users access a wide range of video-on-demand content and live channels, with flexible bundles at competitive prices. Additionally, a partnership with ISP Top Net in Tunisia bolsters Intigral's regional presence, providing Jawwy TV to Tunisian viewers via tailored bundles. Extending services to markets like Egypt, Oman, and Morocco, Intigral's unified subscription platform offers simplified access to diverse entertainment options.

In the content realm, Intigral's Master Aggregator strategy bolsters its platforms by partnering with premium global and regional providers like discovery+, STARZPLAY, WideKhaliji, CN, and Boomerang. The strategy also prioritises Arabic content with popular exclusive series and movies, enriching Saudi Arabia and MENA viewers' experience.

Game-Changing Tech Collaborations

Intigral leverages advanced video streaming technology to elevate its customer-centric approach, resulting in unmatched immersive experiences. Collaborating with VisualOn has optimized bandwidth, reduced delivery costs, and minimized energy usage, enhancing end-user video quality for OTT platforms. Partnerships with Bitmovin and Diagnal ensure multi-device compatibility via a single-player solution, expanding audience reach and boosting application launch capabilities, particularly on Smart TVs. ThinkAnalytics Think360 brings seamless, personalized recommendations to users in line with the Master Aggregator strategy.

Pebble is designing playout solutions for Intigral's new headend facility, featuring a uniquely flexible channel pipeline design for multiple feeds and formats.

Innovation Driving Growth and Satisfaction

Intigral's innovation in digital entertainment resonates throughout the region, providing content in HD and 4K via a cloud-based platform for high-quality streaming. Advanced data and analytics steer customer-centric designs, ensuring high satisfaction levels. An IPSOS survey revealed Intigral's platforms, Jawwy TV and stc tv, outperformed leading platforms like Netflix and Shahid in Net Promoter Score. The platforms achieved an 89% overall brand satisfaction rate, praised for affordable pricing, reduced advertisements, and exceptional customer service. Intigral's touchpoints, including call centers and online platforms, garnered higher satisfaction rates, solidifying its status as a premier provider of digital entertainment.

Intigral capitalises on digital advancements in Saudi Arabia and MENA, aligning with Saudi Vision 2030's digital transformation goals. Intigral's media services, driven by technology and the Master Aggregator strategy, continually achieve milestones, captivating diverse audiences and expanding its reach year after year.