Dubai: The cybernetic implants you’ve seen in movies like the Matrix and Minority Report may sound like science fiction, but sci-fi has once again become reality.

Etisalat says that within the next four to six months, a rice grain-sized chip that can be implanted into the webbing on your hand will be available in the market.

The chip can store passwords, PINs, or even e-wallets and cards. It can also turn lights off and on and unlock doors, but the person needs to be within three centimetres of a card reader to use it, a safety measure to help protect information.

Rashed Majed Al Abbar, Vice-President for Consumer Product Innovation at Etisalat, said the chip is secure and tamper-proof. The chip stores the user’s information and can also be used to track a person and hold complex medical data.

The chip uses NFC (near field communications) Class 2 technology and is more secure than RFID (radio-frequency identification) technology.

“The implant is almost impossible to spot and it will be available within four to six months,” he said.

The data is loaded onto the chip through Etisalat mobile application and then “tapped” from the chip to transfer data.

He said the chip is approved and certified by certain European countries and it is not a mass product. It is expected to cost less than $150 (Dh550).