Sukesh Govindan (right), CEO of Tenx Software Foundations, and Madhuker Ganji, CTO of Tenx Software Foundations at client Armela Farms’ facility Image Credit: Supplied

When Tenx Software Foundations was set up in 2018, its mission was clear: simplify enterprise resource planning (ERP) and offer cost-effective but quality SAP support and add-ons for businesses to manage their day-to-day functions as well as challenges. Armed with the expertise of its founders, CEO Sukesh Govindan and CTO Madhuker Ganji, who are certified SAP professionals, and a passion for innovation, Tenx has built a suite of SAP add-ons and innovations for more than 15 industry verticals over the years.

“An ERP, be it any, will not be a perfect fit for any line of business,” explains Govindan. “Specific business processes will always need to be mapped for a particular line of business.

“As an SAP Build Partner, our main goal has been to develop innovations that benefit and streamline a start-up’s or a small and medium company's business processes.”

In its role as an SAP Build Partner, Tenx identifies gaps in ERP and uses cloud application programming on SAP’s latest technology platform to build innovative add-ons to fulfil businesses demands. By providing solutions built by certified SAP professionals that perfectly fit their needs, Tenx empowers businesses.

“When we see a complex business requirement to be mapped, we do not resort to the word impossible, as we believe everything can be achieved with the latest SAP technology platform, irrespective of the industry,” says Govindan.

Tenx has good reason to be confident in its capabilities and expertise. Referred to as the beavers of SAP, it is known for its architectural skills. The company has more than 15 proven innovations, which are used by at least 100 plus customers in the GCC.

“Our most popular innovations such as 10XPaybooks, the complete HR and payroll solution for GCC, 10XCart, the complete retail solution, and 10XLimo, the van sales automation add-on, have been certified by SAP and are available on SAP Store,” adds Govindan.

That explains why Armela Farms, one of the leading hydroponic farming companies and the largest producer of water-grown lettuce in the UAE, has joined hands with Tenx to streamline its business operations.

The Tenx Software Foundations and Armela Farms teams at the project kick-off

In the project’s first phase, Tenx will implement SAP Business One with its own HR and payroll and van sales automation innovations, while in the second it will help with fully automating and setting up advanced data-driven agriculture at Armela’s new facility in Al Ain.

“Since the new facility combines data-driven growing with advanced ERP, we decided to go with SAP,” explains Yazan Abu Jaish, COO of Armela Farms. “The reason we chose Tenx is because they are SAP's Build Partner and will help us in building and establishing automation in hydroponics using the latest SAP business technology platform with cloud application programming.

Yazan Abu Jaish, COO of Armela Farms Image Credit: Supplied

“The beautiful thing about Tenx is that they are passionate specialists in the SAP domain and their goal is customer success. They have a proven track record of successful projects using SAP in the UAE.”

At the facility scheduled to be ready in the first quarter of next year, with an estimated daily production of six tonnes of lettuce, seeding to harvesting will be fully automated. Using a technology that’s new in the region, the automated system will monitor temperature, humidity and air purity for plants' optimal growth.

“Tenx has taken its time to study how the farms work and has reduced manual labour and automated processes wherever possible by integrating farm data with the SAP ERP using the 10X/4HydroZAP add-on,” explains Govindan. “This add-on will be built over SAP, which in turn simplifies the process of integration with the ERP. With 10X/4HydroZAP, farm data can be easily analysed in SAP, which provides better visibility and predictions to top management for better decision-making in terms of planning and production.”


Apart from these innovations in agriculture, HR and payroll, van sales automation and retail, Tenx offers services in a variety of other verticals such as construction and contracting, real estate, manufacturing, automobile, healthcare, and financial services.

Headquartered in Dubai with an offshore development centre in Hyderabad, India and 60 plus employees globally, the company has also set up a toll-free number to better service its customers.

“In today’s world retaining customers is one of the key challenges and Tenx has achieved this not only on account of its technical skills and deep knowledge of SAP but also by maintaining transparency and meeting project deadlines without compromising on quality,” says Sukesh Govindan.

The Tenx Software Foundations' office in Dubai

“We are one of the SAP Build Partners in the region that has a dedicated toll-free number, 800-72723, where our customers and prospective clients can reach out 24x7 365 days for any support on our add-on innovations built over SAP post Go-Live. This is unique, and this has increased our customer satisfaction levels as they can reach out to us easily for any technical support.”

That’s not all. Tenx has a special offer on one of its premium services, 10XCare, where support on a day-to-day basis is provided on all 10X innovations and add-ons on SAP in the region. “Those interested can opt for a 12-month contract for as low as Dh999 a month for all 10X innovations and add-ons where the first month is free of charge,” he says. “Customers can exit after one month with no contractual commitments if they are dissatisfied with the service.”

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