Porto in Portugal. As per new regulations, investors can buy only commercial properties in cities such as Lisbon and Porto Image Credit: Shutterstock

Demand for Portugal’s Golden Visa programme has gained traction among investors worldwide in the past few years. Many wealthy families from Asia, Africa and the Middle East are looking for an investment option that can future-proof their lives, while offering an extra layer of security and even a second home in Portugal.

Portugal launched its Golden Visa scheme in 2012 as a residency by investment programme, valid in European Schengen countries, to draw investments to the country. With an investment of just €280,000 (Dh1.4 million), Portugal’s Golden Visa programme qualifies investors and their direct family members for residence cards that give them access to 26 Schengen nations. The residency permit also allows investors to explore free education and healthcare services in Portugal and the chance to travel and work in Europe. After five years, investors can apply for Portuguese citizenship.

“With the minimum investment starting at €280,000, Portugal Golden Visa is the cheapest and the quickest route to secure the fourth strongest passport in the world,“ says Tiago Camara, co-founder and partner of PTGoldenVisa, an investment advisory firm that specialises in Portugal Golden Visa. 

“We are currently experiencing a very high demand for real estate. During the times of instability, investors are increasingly looking for a backup plan for themselves and their family members that guarantees future security. Many high-net-worth-individuals are opting for Portugal for investments, as the market provides a safety net for their family, opportunities for portfolio diversification and returns on their investments,“ explains Camara, adding, “Investment options, eligible for the Golden Visa programme, are, however, limited. That’s why we highly recommend [investors] to proceed as soon as possible.”

This year, the Portuguese government has introduced several new measures to balance investments between the main cities and the interior regions. How will these changes impact investors looking for Golden Visa in Portugal?

"Based on the new regulations, residential properties in main cities such as Lisbon and Porto, don't qualify for Golden Visa anymore. However, investors can buy commercial properties in these cities. At the moment, residential units for investments are available only in the interior of Portugal and on the islands of Madeira and Azores,“ says Camara.

"PTGoldenVisa's sourcing team identifies opportunities for investment through an algorithm that generates leads for projects that offer good capital appreciation, are easy to rent out and guarantee investors a title deed (100% ownership).“

PTGoldenVisa is a fully incorporated service provider focusing only on Portuguese residency programme. With excellent local knowledge and expertise, PTGoldenVisa has an outstanding 100 per cent approval rate in all applications, and is well-equipped to guide you through the process at every step of the way.

Join David Machado and Tiago Camara, Founders and partners at PTGoldenVisa on Saturday, September 17, at 11 am, as they cover every aspect of the Golden Visa programme, as well as the new changes that have come into effect in 2022. They will discuss:

• Portuguese Golden Visa benefits

• Changes and new rules of Golden Visa

• Investment opportunities

• Residential and commercial properties for Golden Visa

• Eligibility criteria and processing time frame for Golden Visa

They will also be taking questions live from the audience, giving you the opportunity to get all your critical questions answered. Mark your calendar now for Saturday, September 17, (11am-12pm), and register here to learn more about investment opportunities in Portugal.

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