Stock - Cyber Node
A Super-Skilled cyber workforce, that is Dubai's ambition with the new Cyber Node initiative with Thales. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Dubai Electronic Security Center has launched the ‘Cyber Node’ initiative to create a cyber-skills enabled workforce. The project features France’s Thales Group as a partner.

The specialized cyber workforce will support Dubai’s digital economy growth and contribute to the developing new technologies. Cyber Node is the first initiative under the Dubai Cyber Innovation Park, which was launched earlier this year.

Cyber Node provides an ecosystem for upskilling the cyber workforce, in addition to protecting Dubai’s critical information infrastructure from cyber risks. It will also be a hub for cyber experts from the public and private sectors, as well as academic institutions.

“Cybersecurity emerges as one of the challenges we seek to include in the comprehensive digital life we aspire for,” said Hamad Al Mansoori, Director-General of Digital Dubai said in a statement. “Cyber Node is now in full readiness to welcome cybersecurity experts, academics, and graduates aspiring to be part of an advanced cybersecurity hub.”

Cyber Node will test the capabilities of electronic security by developing complex scenarios drawn from reality. This will help training participants to solve them. Additionally, the initiative provides a series of specialized training courses and educational programs on cyber security, where individuals are trained on dealing with the latest cyber attacks using comprehensive training.

Bernard Roux, CEO of Thales in UAE said, "Due to Thales’ technological expertise in security, defence, aerospace, space, transportation, AI and Big Data, we offer a unique differentiation in cybersecurity. Our legacy is behind our resilience to new threats not only on our own solutions but also on any other solutions in the market."