Daemaar-Mohammed Jafer Musthafa for web
Mohammed Jafar Musthafa, Founder and Managing Director, Daemaar Group Image Credit: Supplied

How is Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit helping support Indian business in the UAE?

India and the UAE share close ties nurtured through decades. The countries have supported each other through thick and thin. We hope that this visit will open more doors for flourishing trade and investment flows.

As an emerging powerhouse in the construction arena, what is your take on the evolution of the sector here in the UAE?

Daemaar has definitely changed the construction sector in the UAE, offering excellent value for money through its niche products and services.

Daemaar Group was founded with a vision and a strong sense of commitment to provide the best of services in every operating sector, keeping a touch of the human element. Our pride lies in the core values that were always deeply rooted to the excellence of our work, the expertise of our team, the progression of our company, and the continuous effort to contribute to a better tomorrow, because the future is always under construction.

Please share the brand’s expansion plans and growth for the UAE and the region

Based in the UAE with concrete and specialised operations around the GCC, the Daemaar Group has offices in Kuwait, Oman, Qatar Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and India. Daemaar group strives to achieve unparalleled excellence in the work we do.

This means to serve the people a better today and to create a stable future for the generation of tomorrow.The expertise of our top management employees ensures continuous innovation to discover new horizons, improve performance and strive with effort to lay a foundation that will continue to carry us forward in the future.