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From left: Chayya Bassi – Co-Founder& Chief Loyalty Consultant, QBF, and Sajid Azmi – CEO & Co-Founder, Yegertek


As part of its advocacy for loyalty education in MENA, Yegertek is supporting QuickBrownFox Consulting for a workshop by Loyalty Academy, whose Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional (CLMP) program stands for excellence in the global industry

Yegertek, a Dubai-based solutions provider in brand engagement and customer loyalty, has announced sponsorship of QuickBrownFox Consulting for a Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional (CLMP) workshop. The only recognised professional certification in the loyalty education industry, CLMP is offered by Loyalty Academy, which has an exclusive regional partnership with QuickBrownFox Consulting.

The three-day event is due to start on June 21, in Rove Downtown Dubai. Yegertek, whose founders are CLMP-certified from the first MENA batch, will be sponsoring the upcoming Summer 2022 workshop, where successful candidates will earn Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional credential, thus joining an association whose members include some of the leading loyalty marketers across the globe.

“Having had a first-hand experience with the CLMP programme, we saw the need to promote it further, for the overall development of the loyalty industry. Greater knowledge flows, educational programmes, certifications, and associations will be of vital importance as loyalty marketers gear up for the next economic cycle characterised by digitalisation and untapped opportunities. The sponsorship of the upcoming CLMP workshop is underscored by these beliefs,” expressed Sajid Azmi, CEO and Co-founder of Yegertek.

The Summer 2022 workshop is an opportunity for discerning professionals to achieve the distinction of Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional at once. The workshop includes interactive exercises, pertinent discussions, and networking opportunities, after which those who clear the final examination and present a business case for a loyalty programme will earn the coveted credential.

True to its form, the CLMP workshop will touch upon core principles of loyalty marketing and delve deeper into customer relationships, financial objectives, design practices, segmentation, funding, communications, data analytics, and ROI, among other aspects associated with successful strategies.

“The Loyalty Academy boasts an unparalleled reputation in contemporary loyalty education and associated practices. Today, many CLMP-certified professionals in the region find themselves in the upper echelons of the business world. Their work and contributions speak for the efficacy of the certification. We are glad to helm the Loyalty Academy’s efforts in MENA, where loyalty marketing is truly coming of age,” opined Chayya Bassi, Co-founder and Chief Loyalty Consultant at QuickBrownFox Consulting.

In line with Chayya’s belief, customer loyalty has indeed grown as an industry in MENA in recent years, fuelled by high internet penetration, increasing digital dexterity among users, and growing value propositions from digital-first brands. Yegertek’s proprietary Engage 365 loyalty solution has gained huge traction in a short time in this region, across geographies and across various businesses like F & B, Retail, Groceries, Cab-hailing and more, to power brands’ user engagement and loyalty strategies.

Yegertek has now ramped up its support for educational programmes and industry events in MENA as part of its broader objective of contributing to the region’s innovation-driven growth.