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XDC Network spearheads the Web3 revolution in Dubai, partnering with multiple blockchain and Web3 initiatives. In an era of digital transformation, Dubai is rapidly emerging as a beacon of innovation, striving to become the successor to Silicon Valley. At the forefront of this visionary journey is XDC Network, which has emerged as the driving force behind Dubai's Web3 revolution.

In recent months, XDC has played a transformative role in augmenting Dubai's Web3 ecosystem. It's not a mere observer but an active participant, a change-maker that has engineered a string of initiatives to stimulate the digital shift.

The XDC Network offers technical support, business guidance, access to a large community, and access to developers' center in Dubai to conduct meetups, showcase projects, and demonstrate products. Such offers for Startups and Developers in Dubai makes it a best place for them to grow their business in Web3.

XDC's endeavors have not gone unnoticed. The Middle East edition of Entrepreneur magazine has acknowledged the network's efforts, further reinforcing its credibility.

Tech behemoths have been intrigued by the Web3 revolution, their interest piqued by the dynamic changes happening. XDC, acknowledging the significance of dialogue, arranged an intellectually stimulating event, 'Regulating Web3: What does the Future hold?'.

This congregation of industry mavens and thought leaders explored the burgeoning Web3 ecosystem and the regulatory environment in the UAE. The enlightening discourse further emphasized XDC's commitment to shaping the future of finance and technology.

Moreover, XDC demonstrated its unwavering support for innovation by participating in the 2023 ETH Dubai Hackathon. The network not only participated but also rewarded winners, encouraging the spirit of creativity and invention.

From the dawn of 2020, Dubai has been on a journey to become the next Silicon Valley, and XDC has been a steadfast companion. Its active involvement in organizing Web3 events speaks volumes about its commitment to the industry.

In addition,, other leading cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, Crypto.com, and Bybit have also chosen to set up their headquarters in the UAE, further solidifying the country's position as a hub for cryptocurrency and blockchain innovation. The establishment of these offices not only showcases the growing interest and investment in the UAE's crypto industry but also highlights the UAE's supportive environment for emerging technologies and its potential as a global blockchain destination.

By forging alliances with several blockchains and Web3 initiatives, XDC is continually accelerating the digital revolution in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. It's not just about being on the forefront; XDC strives to be the trailblazer, setting the pace and direction for the Web3 revolution in Dubai.