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Trading is never random, and professional stock trading requires searching for new methods to upgrade the trading strategy. So, most of the time you’ve got to take trading to a new level by exploring extraordinary updated features.

Wealthface responds to this desire by bringing the convenience of lightning-fast execution, pro trading tools based on strategies and analysis, and an overall superior trading experience.

Innovative features to empower traders

Wealthface, with its premium trade account, marks a push for traders willing to invest beyond what is traditional. The premium account allows traders to start trading with $1, with zero commission on the sell side and only $0.01 on the buy side.

Wealthface offers exclusive trading tools to complement easy access to AI analysis, and to permit the monitoring of stock scoring with simple clicks. Users can now monitor the performance of US stocks, benefit from the stock analysis, and thus make the right decision in buying and selling stocks.

Unlike brokers and other companies, Wealthface provides its features at the lowest cost; starting from selecting profitable strategies, until building and rebalancing portfolios.

It also provides over 8,500 stocks and ETFs that can be easily and instantly traded in the market, according to real time without any delay.

Wealthface’s CEO, Bilal Majbour, said, “Whether you trade stocks or ETFs, our award-winning solutions deliver a solid trading experience based on strategies and analysis making the trading process easier, faster and more professional. These innovations bring a whole advanced institutional solution to the retail market with a user-friendly smart platform."

Wealthface Premium also allows traders to benefit from fractional shares solution, allowing investors to start trading with as little as $1, in high-value stocks like Apple, Google, Tesla, and much more. Muslims who seek investments without compromising on their beliefs can easily experience Halal trading in Shariah compliant stocks and ETFs.

Another feature is allowing traders to access real-time market data instead of a 15-minute delay, thus traders can view real-time quotes by refreshing the price feed at any time.

These instant and updated market prices are suitable for day trading when making short-term decisions.

Factor investing strategies

Wealthface keeps it steady in offering intelligent trading for retail clients. It promises trading in a multifactor portfolio, where users can select portfolio strategies with the risk of their choice, and experience factor investing strategies backed by Nobel prize winning research.

Wealthface through these additions to its trading experience catches every trend and stays riding in pioneer. Although the market is competitive, Wealthface exclusively allows traders to enjoy the full suite of smart trading technology, inventive trade tools, and award winning trade strategies, all under one roof.

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