International Environment Conference 2023 FOR WEB

The International Environment Conference 2023 concluded on a high note this week, with more than 500 delegates from India participating in the conference to applaud the great work of the Bishnoi society.

Indian leaders, under the leadership of Devendra Budia, President Akhil Bhartiya Bishnoi Mahasabha, gathered to support the cause of preserving the environment and supporting the efforts of the Bishnoi society from India. The conferences was chaired by renowned leaders from India including Kuldeep Bishnoi (former member of the Lok Sabha), Renuka Bishnoi (former member of the Haryana Legislative Assembly), Farooq Abdullah (member of Lok Sabha), Rana Gurmit Singh Sodhi (former member of the Punjab legislative assembly), Dr Sanjay Sinh, Dr Ameeta Sinh, Vivek Oberoi, Dr Indra Bishnoi, Mahant Bhagwan Das, Lavanya Mathur (NRI coordinator, Punjab and the UAE) and Ramesh Bishnoi (convenor).

Maharaja Sanjay Sinh, the most experienced political leader in the conference (former minister and Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha member with 45 years of experience) was accompanied by his wife, Maharni Ameeta Sinh (former Minister, Government of UP, India, and an international badminton player). These leaders shared their views about the environmental challenges faced in present times, while explaining how planting more trees and saving them from destruction was a possible solution. Moreover, the leaders pledged to work together on an international level to bring environmental problems under control.

Shaikh Majid Rashid Al Mualla graced the conference to support the cause and conferred a gift of land for planting trees to the delegation. His gesture of generosity was loved by the Bishnoi society and Devendra Budia expressed his gratitude. Devendra Budia also delivered a powerful speech motivating the conference participants to play their role in saving the planet from environmental decline. Shaikh Majid Rashid Al Mualla was accompanied by Dr Kabir and his team who shared their views about the need to care for the environment to build a better future.

Conference participants from India also planted 363 trees in Sharjah to practically initiate a stronger relationship with the UAE for the cause of saving the planet. Moreover, it was also their conventional way of commemorating the great sacrifice their ancestors made 293 years ago with the martyrdom of 363 Bishnoi community members. Their sacrifice was respected and remembered in most of the speeches during the conference.

Dubai supported yet another environmental conservation project by the Bishnoi society from Rajasthan India this week through the conference. The work does not end here, rather it is a new beginning for a noble cause that has been passed on to the present generations by Bishnoi ancestors who revered and protected nature.