Nesma Zaghow, Co-Founder & COO, and Hussein Hosni, Co-Founder & CEO, Grocart DMCC Image Credit: Supplied

Grocart is a smart B2B wholesale food and grocery marketplace solving the gap in the supply chain between retailers, manufacturers, and distributors. The first hybrid platform of its kind, Grocart provides small and large retailers alike the user-friendly technology they need to speed up their ordering process, while suppliers benefit from Grocart’s automated order collection capabilities.

In just eight months, Grocart has partnered with leading suppliers to deliver over 10k orders, serve more than 1k customers, and add over 3k products to the platform from over 200 brands. Grocart decreases operational costs by 30% for their clients with 100% coverage and up to 10 times faster supply fulfillment.

“Slow supply cycles in the small grocery market have long been a pain point across the UAE and MENA, and this fragmented communication only worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Co-founder & CEO of Grocart Hussein Hosni.

“Small retailers are critical players in the economy, yet poor reach, high cost of logistics, and difficulties in credit terms have historically prevented suppliers from reaching the right buyers - we’re determined to uplift this community with accessible technology.”

The market size in UAE for grocery purchases is significant, accounting for more than $37 billion. With robust demand, the founders aim to reach $34 million in sales on Grocart.

Grocart is welcoming FMCG manufacturers and suppliers to join their platform. List all products for free to get instant exposure to thousands of SMEs across UAE by heading to