Roman Ulyanov
Roman Ulyanov Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Roman Ulyanov, a prominent figure in both the financial and agricultural sectors, has announced the grand opening of Greeneration. Located in Dubai Industrial City, Greeneration boasts a state-of-the-art farm employing cutting-edge technology and innovative farming methods, including the integration of AI. The farm focuses on sustainability and cultivates over 70 rare varieties of edible flowers and microgreens without the use of pesticides, providing year-round crop production. These high-quality produce items will be featured in intricate dishes served at high-end restaurants in Dubai.

Roman's interest in sustainable farming practices has grown from his experience in venture capital and private equity. He has been deeply involved in the finance industry for the past decade, advising and managing investments across various sectors. Recently, he has shifted his angel investments towards edtech, where his expertise and passion for innovative technology align. Some of his notable portfolio startups in this sector include and CourseFactory, according to the company.

Despite the new dimension that angel investing adds to his professional career, Roman's core principles remain unchanged. He evaluates potential investments based on the founder's vision, commitment, and market size.

Roman Ulyanov's dedication to sustainable farming and strategic investments reflects his belief in creating a greener future while supporting entrepreneurs with transformative ideas. With Greeneration, he aims to make a significant impact on both financial growth and environmental sustainability.