Rizwab Adatia
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Rizwan Adatia, the famous philanthropist and chairman of COGEF Group of companies, is on a mission to feed 10 million people by 2030. He has consistently committed to helping the needy in any way that he can.

In 2015, Rizwan decided to extend his philanthropy initiatives and founded Rizwan Adatia Foundation (Global), with an aim to improve the quality of life of the most marginalized communities in Asia and Africa. “We must not rest until sustainable livelihood is within the reach of every human being upon this planet, we love and cherish. We all have a role in achieving this greatest goal of human dignity and existence,” says this humble entrepreneur.

Rizwab Adatia
Rizwan Adatia with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

RAF Global, a private, not-for-profit international organisation that works in select countries of Asian and African continents, is guided by a global board comprising of international development professionals of repute drawn from different sectors working in Asian and African countries to meet the foundation’s international development commitments and to ensure greater efficiency and reach out of its programmes.

Outlining the focus for RAF Global, Rizwan explains, “The focus of the foundation is on uplifting lives and livelihoods of people in dire need in countries like India, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Madagascar, Swaziland, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh. The programmes of the foundation are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).” Talking about providing health systems, he explained, “RAF Global focuses on improving health systems and promoting food security in disadvantaged communities while encouraging self-reliance through economic inclusion for vulnerable citizens, especially women and children, and upskilling workers to promote employability.”

Speaking about the development initiatives that are close to his heart, Rizwan enthuses, “Since I was born in Gujarat, the state is a major beneficiary of RAF Global. In Gujarat we have created self-help groups that go to the different villages and form small groups of women where they are taught various skill development activities which will help them in employment generation and earn livelihood. If they have a good business idea and it’s not taking off due to lack of finance, we extend financial help as well.” RAF Global is further popularizing the practice of climate smart agriculture among small and marginal farmers to support higher incomes and further counter the threats of global warming.

For more information, please contact: www.rizwanadatia.com