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Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, today announced the release of a comprehensive guide aimed at helping test-takers excel in the Reading section of the PTE Academic Test. The PTE Academic Test is a computer-based English language proficiency exam designed for individuals looking to study, work, or migrate abroad. The test assesses candidates' reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in a single two-hour session. Experts suggest that the right time to schedule a student’s first PTE test is roughly two months before their university's first admission deadline.

To achieve the highest score, it is crucial that students dedicate time and effort to enhance their reading abilities. Pearson Middle East is committed to empowering students to reach their highest potential. To this end, the company has numerous invaluable resources available to ensure every student reaches their potential score. The Scored Practice Tests, derived from past test content and combined with the official scoring algorithms, offer a glimpse into a student's expected performance on the actual exam day, promoting a sense of readiness. Furthermore, the PTE Question Bank, with its 300 questions categorized by each PTE Academic task type, allows students to practice at their preferred speed and concentrate on enhancing specific skills. The Official Guide to PTE for Test Takers serves as a comprehensive manual, ensuring every student enters the test day feeling assured. Additionally, the Academic Collocation List provides students with nearly 2,500 of the most commonly used word combinations in academic written English.

To ace the reading section in particular, Pearson has released a guide to help test-takers overcome the reading challenges of this globally recognized exam. Engaging in extensive reading is fundamental for individuals prepping for the PTE Academic test. By exploring a diverse range of materials and genres, including books, blogs, reviews, and news related to the exam’s subjects, students can ensure an enriching learning experience.

To thrive in the PTE Academic’s two-hour format, candidates are urged to set tangible goals to incrementally increase their reading speed. Challenges, such as timed reading targets, are invaluable for mastering time management. Candidates should take an active role in their vocabulary enhancement: researching unfamiliar words, understanding their meanings, and even building a personal dictionary to aid in improving comprehension.

Techniques like skimming, scanning, and double-reading questions can make a difference in a high-pressure test environment. Highlighting keywords ensures candidates remain focused and efficient, while the elimination method can significantly improve accuracy in multiple-choice sections. When confronted with multiple-choice dilemmas, the elimination technique is recommended; removing patently wrong options boosts the odds of zeroing in on the right one.

Leveraging Pearson’s PTE study materials, candidates can attain a firm grasp of English grammar – from foundational rules to advanced concepts. Regular reading will further cement this knowledge, exposing students to real-world grammatical applications. Pearson’s PTE practice tests are available to all candidates and are instrumental in tracking preparation progress and identifying areas for improvement.

The PTE Academic is approved by the governments of the UK, Australia, and New Zealand for all types of visas. PTE Core, a four-skills test similar to PTE Academic is recognized by Canada for permanent residency and citizenship.

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