This innovative portal will help you search for jobs as well as upload your credentials Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Access and see the new face of job searching. This is an innovative portal that provides opportunities for jobseekers to find a job and upload their credentials for exposure to top companies in the UAE. For the companies in the UAE looking to hire, they have easy access to post openings and hire candidates directly.

If you are looking for employment in the UAE but find it hard due to the pandemic or lost your job and are looking to be selected, this platform can be ideal. During this time finding work has become a big task. Many job portals can be very expensive and there may be little hope for the job.

Some job portals online show job availability. However, many times jobs posted are not directly from the company and not available. Finding a job online can take you hours of signing in to different portals or websites. Furthermore, looking for a job takes hard work and extra effort. Make that effort count by going to the right platform to find a job where posts are directly from the companies searching and there is a better chance for them to locate your CV and directly approaching you.

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This is how TheWorkGenies works:

It is designed to ‘directly’ connect the job seeker and employer faster and easily. As a candidate, you can browse, find hundreds of companies, and apply for jobs faster online. Your CV posted by you will be visible to thousands of employers that can easily narrow their search. This is how the portal is designed.

There are vast positions to apply under over (number). Simultaneously, if you are a UAE based company, you can post jobs regularly, where up to date positions can be seen as soon a possible, in minutes, as well as instant fast, free CV searching is at your fingertips.

The platform offers free Sign-Up for EMPLOYERS so they can browse thousands the job seekers. In addition, this helps job seekers to get maximum exposure and gives the applicants a good platform to be seen and contacted directly. TheWorkGenies is cutting through a lot of the processes for employing companies that go to recruitment agencies, then go through long lists.

Three simple steps to find a job on TheWorkGenies

1. Sign up on

2. Get your online CV uploaded and for only AED 10.99, your CV will be available to hundreds of companies and many top organizations for three months.

3. Keep updated on new positions posted. No lengthy job forms or expensive costs.

If you are looking for a job in Dubai or the other emirates on you can be sure that jobs are authentic, updated and your CV easily is visible to thousands of employers. Companies are hiring even in today’s market, new jobs are coming up every day.

Sign up and you may find your dream job directly to top companies in UAE.