Great Place to Work NAZ Industries
Great Place to Work NAZ Industries Image Credit: Supplied

NAZ Industries earns 2024 Great Place To Work certification

Dubai: NAZ INDUSTRIES has been certified by Great Place To Work for the first time, the company said in a media release. The award is based entirely on what current employees say about their experience working at a company, it added. This year, 95 per cent of employees said it’s a great place to work – 59% more than the average US company, it added.

Great Place To Work is the global authority on workplace culture, employee experience, and leadership behaviours proven to deliver market-leading revenue, employee retention and increased innovation.

"Great Place To Work certification is a highly coveted achievement that requires consistent and intentional dedication to the overall employee experience," says Sarah Lewis-Kulin, the Vice President of Global Recognition at Great Place To Work. She emphasizes that certification is the sole official recognition earned by the real-time feedback of employees regarding their company culture. “By successfully earning this recognition, it is evident that NAZ INDUSTRIES stands out as one of the top companies to work for, providing a great workplace environment for its employees."

Adel Mir Naz Industries CEO and Hussein Alsharu Naz Industries CCO
Adel Mir Naz Industries CEO and Hussein Alsharu Naz Industries CCO Image Credit: Supplied

“Although we have been certified for 95% as a great place to work, we have failed to achieve 100%. We will try to achieve 100% next year,” Adel Mir, CEO said. “NAZ INDUSTRIES aims to maintain its status as the best place to work over the years, creating an environment where employees feel comfortable and balanced, making work more enjoyable than ever,” he added.

According to Great Place To Work research, job seekers are 4.5 times more likely to find a great boss at a certified great workplace,m says the media release. Additionally, employees at certified workplaces are 93% more likely to look forward to coming to work and are twice as likely to be paid fairly, earn a fair share of the company’s profits and have a fair chance at promotion.