Mohabbatein, as the first matrimony platform in Dubai, aspires to provide not just a platform but an experience Image Credit: Supplied

Mohabbatein, the first matrimony platform in Dubai and the GCC to redefine relationship dynamics, is officially launched. This marks a notable advancement in the global matrimony landscape, offering a fresh, innovative approach that transcends traditional boundaries.

Shedding light on the inspiration behind Mohabbatein, founder Chandan Serai shared, “I startedMohabbatein  because I believe in the power of love and meaningful relationships. It's a chance to bring fresh ideas and approaches to an age-old industry and, more importantly, to bring joy and happiness to people's lives.”

"My wife and I realized how lucky we were to find each other in a world of 8 billion people. Coming out of COVID, we saw the longing for meaningful connections, and that's when the idea of Mohabbatein came to life," he added.

The mission behind Mohabbatein is to help people find love and build meaningful relationships in the safest, most respectful, and supportive environment. Chandan, the founder, envisions it to be the go-to platform for all age groups, connecting individuals even if they are on opposite sides of the globe.

Mohabbatein sets out not just to achieve a goal but to challenge the taboos surrounding matrimony platforms, especially among the younger generation, encouraging them to open up to the possibility of finding love.

They do this by applying stringent security measures, clean design, and unique functionalities, which take a modern twist to traditional arranged marriage settings. These are also the key indicators that set them apart in the global matrimony industry.

In a world where the pursuit of companionship can be daunting, Mohabbatein, as the first matrimony platform in Dubai, aspires to provide not just a platform but an experience—a journey that goes beyond the conventional realms of matchmaking, fostering relationships that bring genuine happiness and fulfilment to people's lives.

"I chose Dubai because it is the safest city in the world, home to over 200 nationalities. Personally, Dubai is where I found love, was born and raised, and where I have all my family and friends," Chandan Serai shares, pointing to Dubai as the home for Mohabbatein.

The Mohabbatein platform is exclusively designed to encourage a modern approach to compatibility in marriage alongside traditional metrics. The platform actively promotes meaningful conversations, interactions, and the exploration of chemistry between individuals before they decide to embark on the journey of marriage.

“Emphasizing the importance of genuine connections and shared values, we aim to redefine the narrative of matrimony by placing a high regard on open communication and understanding before making informed and heartfelt decisions about their life partners," Serai said while wrapping up his insights on the platform’s launch.

Mohabbatein is for anyone keen on searching for their soulmate and serious about taking the step forward to marriage and meaningful connections.

As the platform rolls out, Serai believes Mohabbatein will be a beacon of hope, guiding individuals towards lifelong bonds and lasting happiness in the realm of marriage.

For inquiries, please visit or contact +971 50 247 0906.