Rizwan Ansari, CEO, RadiantBiz
Rizwan Ansari, CEO, RadiantBiz Image Credit: Supplied

Rizwan Ansari, CEO of RadiantBiz, is a man of passion & determination. He is committed to making businesses, organizations, and entrepreneurs succeed through his proven business setup strategies and practices. A seasoned banker, he has 16+ years of experience working with leading UAE banks and has developed strategies for SME's, start-ups and lead policy formation for the financial & payment industry in GCC.

The Venture and the Visionary

RadiantBiz is one of the leading Business Setup agency in the region, assisting with setting up a business and providing banking & tax advisory in the UAE.

During his tenure working as a senior Commercial Banker, he realized that UAE was a preferred destination to start a business by leaders, businesses and entrepreneurs worldwide. He identified a potential business opportunity and started a Business Setup & Banking Consultancy to provide aspiring leaders with one-stop-shop solutions.

With his extensive experience & exposure working in a leadership role across top banks in UAE, he is now guiding and consulting entrepreneurs, SME's & business owners with business setup in Dubai and providing advisory on successfully and efficiently launching the business in UAE. Living by his core value of utmost customer satisfaction, he assists the companies and provides his expert advice in identifying the suitable trade activity and location to start their business in UAE, thereby saving clients' time, money, and effort. Furthermore, providing his clients with a holistic service experience, Rizwan & his team help & guide on the Visa process, getting the office, banking advisory, payment solutions, digitalization, marketing strategy and aids as an additional working arm for businesses located overseas.

Envisioning Business Growth

With a GDP of US$421 billion (AED 1.5 trillion), UAE is home to the world's leading MNC's and organizations and is a preferred destination to start a business. With Expo, Dubai is set to welcome nationals from 190 participating countries with an estimated 25 million visitors from across the globe, and the numbers are increasing every day. The huge influx of investment and tourism is expected to accelerate the economy and provide tremendous business and employment opportunities. Avid, admirer of Dubai's vision to be the best place for starting businesses and providing a stable and cooperative environment to foster growth opportunities, Rizwan believes Dubai is a hyper-connected pro-business hub that delivers efficiency, security, and a forward-looking ecosystem.

A multicultural melting pot with world-class infrastructure, a pro-business ecosystem and a safe and low-risk operating environment, Dubai enables your business to succeed.

Growth Catalyst

Passionate about helping entrepreneurs and business leaders, Rizwan's mission is to be the catalyst in the transformation journey of leaders of tomorrow.

For expanding and growing your business, finding the right strategic partners is very significant and at RadiantBiz, Rizwan and his team of experts provide assistance and counselling to the businessman on factors important for starting a business in UAE.

He believes Dubai is a future driven economy that can scale business to new heights. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, businessman or organization looking to grow, connect with him on LinkedIn or visit the website www.radiantbiz.com.