A showcase and demonstration of MatraX products at Portugal Pavilion Image Credit: Supplied

The Alves Bandeira Group, with a vast tradition of over 50 years and known as one of the biggest business groups currently operating in Portugal, is the parent company behind the MatraX brand. They presented their MatraX product range and vision in the Portugal Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai, on March 20th. This event happens shortly after the brands debut at the Automechanika fair held in Dubai, in December 2021.

MatraX is a name on the market that is rapidly becoming popular in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. The MatraX brand initiated its jouney over 15 years ago when it started researching, developing, and distributing automotive lubricants and became successful with it. “The current expansion into the automotive tyre and battery segments, positions MatraX as the go-to brand for many drivers in the Middle East and other regions around the globe.” said André Bandeira, the CEO of Alves Bandeira International.

"The spirit of innovation, design, safety, and trust, are some of core values embedded into every team member of our Group. These values have a strong influence in the development of innovative technologies, safety standards and rigid quality control that goes in line with producing each product.” added André Bandeira.

"We can’t wait to show the world our new tyres and the innovation behind each product,” the company said in a statement, shortly after announcing their intention to debut the MatraX Tyres range in Europe, with their presence confirmed at the Tire Cologne Fair in Germany, in May 2022.

MatraX Tyres, retailing in the UAE

MatraX Tyres will make its retailing debut on the popular e-commerce website TyresOnline ( in April 2022. The brand’s lineup includes models split in different categories, including tyres for ultimate performance cars, as well as models for premium touring and adventure and exploring.

The URCOLA model is an ultra performance summer tyre for high-performance cars, coupes and sedans that brings comfort and performance on both wet and dry road surfaces. Its rigid carcass structure also makes it perfect for cornering at higher speeds, while the wide contact area ensures precision and traction.

In the next segment labeled Premium Touring, we have the MORUCHA and COLOMA. The MORUCHA is a high-performance tyre for luxury and performance sedans. It’s characterized by tyre blocks which are enclosed, and a tread that reduces the contact noise, ensuring a comfortable ride.

On the other hand, the COLOMA line is meant for small and compact city cars, as well as sedans. The model has impressive noise cancelling features and a smother tread that absorbs the roughness of the road in a better way.

Finally, the VERAGUA line. The VERAGUA FX delivers sporty performance to large size SUVs and the VERAGUA SUV is ideal for SUVs and crossovers. The A/T and M/T line is what MatraX Tyres brands as the ones perfect for adventures and exploration.