London International Studies
Azim A.V, Head of Operations, London International Studies and Research Center (LISRC) Dubai Image Credit: Supplied

After having firmly entrenched itself in the UAE market, London International Studies and Research Center (LISRC) Dubai is eyeing major expansion in the next few months.

The center offers a plethora of courses for students in the UAE. "London International Studies and Research Center (LISRC) offers a wide range of university degrees and diploma courses which are internationally accredited and certified training programs delivered 100% online worldwide, and offline in Dubai and KSA," said Azim A.V, Head of Operations, London International Studies and Research Center (LISRC) Dubai.

Azim added, "LISRC delivers online/offline internationally certified certification programs and Undergraduate/ Postgraduate degrees, diplomas, to learners from around the globe. Our course modules are designed uniquely and are tailored to each student's needs. Through LISRC, you can learn what you want, when, and how you want it. We provide lve support through student dashboards, online course materials, e-library, and external study links. Through the comprehensive, internationally acclaimed tutors' support, students can succeed in developing personal/ professional knowledge and skills and can achieve meaningful qualifications. We offer M.B.A. and B.B.A. courses from London. We are the pioneers of and the industry leaders in Advanced Digital Marketing courses in Dubai, C.M.A. (Certified Management Accounting) - U.S.A. (Highest passing rate in the first attempt - MENA), Data Science-Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and Human Resources Management."

Elaborating further about the USP of LISRC and its market share, Azim said, "We, at LISRC, are proud of our global community, which includes over 10,000 successful alumni. We plan to tap the maximum market share in the Middle East, and for this very reason, LISRC is opening centers in other emirates. The most recent ones were opened in Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia, which were set up during Dubai Expo 2020 and coincided with the six-month-long exposition, staged under the central theme, "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future," and which defied the tremendous challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic, delivering a resounding success. Our USP is that we offer international certifications from C.P.D. London and ATHE London with unlimited repeat sessions for the students, which is the primary criteria in most corporates/H.R. rounds for promotions or landing high-paying jobs."

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